Rajasthan's biggest mall by 2028

Jaipur will be having Rajasthan’s biggest mall by 2028

Jaipur, the city that excels in development, will soon be having the biggest mall of Rajasthan by 2028 at an estimated cost of ₹1,100 crores.


Jaipur metropolis is gearing up to get a new mall, which will be the biggest in Rajasthan! This huge one of a kind mall will be commissioned by Pacific Development Corp. at an estimated cost of ₹1,100 crores. This new hub in the city will be readied by 2028.

As per the reports, the Rajasthan Housing Board has auctioned the plot for ₹488 crores, the highest bid received by any government department in the state. The land is between VT Road and Aravali Marg in Mansarovar in Jaipur.

The construction of the project will begin by mid-2023 after the completion of land registration formalities. It will take roughly 5 years to complete. The shopping and entertainment hub in the Pink City will be open to the public by 2028.

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