Rajasthan High Court delays hearing on Adipurush

Rajasthan High Court delays hearing on Adipurush for 2 weeks

In a petition demanding to ban Adipurush, the high court has postponed the hearing to due to a similar pending case in Supreme Court


The High Court has postponed the hearing for two weeks on the petition demanding the ban of the film Adipurush. Balmukundacharya of Hathoj Dham has filed this PIL demanding a ban on the film. 

During the hearing on the PIL, it came to the notice of the court that a similar petition for Adipurush film is pending in the Supreme Court. Given this, the High Court postponed the hearing on the petition for two weeks.

According to Petitioner’s advocate Amitosh Pareek, “Adipurush is not only a film influenced by Ramayana rather it is a film completely based on Ramayana. There are many scenes shown in this film which are not mentioned anywhere in Ramayana. This has hurt the sentiments of Hindus.”

He added that here the filmmakers have violated the freedom of speech and expression. So, we have filed a PIL in the High Court demanding a ban on the film and cancellation of its certification.

In the petition against the film Public Decency and Morality, it is mentioned that this film is against Public Decency and Morality and offends religious sentiments. The manner in which Mata Janaki, Ravana and other characters have been portrayed in the film is adversely affecting their reputation. 

The petition cites the Cinematography Act-1952 and Rules 1983, under which the certification can be canceled even after the release of the film. The Ministry of Information and Broadcast, Government of India, Censor Board, Government of Rajasthan and the producers of the film have been made parties in the petition.

It has also been said in the petition that in the past also many films have been banned in view of religious sentiments. At the same time, in the petition, a demand has also been made to impose a heavy fine on the members of the board who issued the release certificate to the film. AAG RP Singh appeared on behalf of the state government in this matter.

Objection not only on the dialogue but also on the depiction 

It has been said in the petition that not only are the dialogues of the film objectionable, but the portrayal of the film is also going to hurt religious sentiments. It has been said that the way Lakshman shoots arrows at Mata Shabari in the film, it is not mentioned anywhere in Ramayana.

Ravana was said to be the biggest Shiva devotee and Brahmin. Showing a glass in his hand, a bat instead of Pushpak Vimana and the interrogation by Laxman in the first meeting of Lord Rama and Hanuman are such scenes which are deemed inappropriate have not been mentioned anywhere in the original text.

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