Kites with Covid 19 message

Kites with Covid 19 message will be seen in the sky on Makar Sankranti


On Makar Sankranti, the sky of the pink city will be seen drenched in myriads of colors with numerous kites. This year the kites will spread awareness regarding safety against Covid. 

Kites that have slogans related to COVID-19 about how to stay safe amid the coronavirus pandemic! Taglines like ‘Go Corona Go’, ‘Social Distancing’, Wash your hands’, ‘Wear Your Mask‘ etc. have been captioned on these kites.

There is a bloom in the famous markets for kites. Haldiyon Ka Rasta and the wholesale market at Handipura are bombarded with these kites this year. These kites are being brought from Gujarat to Rajasthan. Kites from Bikaner, Bareilly and Ahmedabad have also come into the market. Merchants from Bikaner, Bareilly, Kanpur, Ahmedabad and Agra also set up kite shops here.

Every year, political events, social trends and Bollywood has their impact on the message or designs of the kites. This time, kites with slogans on the virus the entire world has been affected by can be seen in the market. The trend of the slogans on ongoing pandemic, and its effects are making their way to the markets of Jaipur. 

Apart From Handipura, kites are also available in outer markets of the city along with Kishanpole Market, Chandpole Market, Haldi Rasta. This time kites are being sold up to one and a half times more expensive in the market. Sweets like Feeni and Sesame Seeds are also expensive this time. The prices are nearly Rs 500 To Rs 1200 Per Kg.

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