Rajasthan High court

Rajasthan High court announced its decision regarding private school fees


The High Court gave its verdict on Friday in the private school fees case on the appeal of the state government and others. The High Court has said in its decision that private schools will be able to collect fees as per the recommendations of the Rajasthan government on October 28. 

There were more than two dozen parties in the case. In such a situation, it took a long time for the court to hear everyone. After hearing the case on 16 December, the bench of Chief Justice Indrajit Mahanti pronounced the verdict.

The state government had recently formed a committee on the directions of the High Court. The committee submitted its recommendations on 28 October.

As per the Government recommendations, “Schools are providing online education and they can take 70 percent of tuition fees. Apart from this, after the schools open, the concerned board will decide the course and the school fees will be taken accordingly.

The Rajasthan government had directed CBSE-affiliated private schools to cut tuition fees by 30 percent for classes 9 to 12 and State Board affiliated schools by 40 percent for the same classes.

However, these recommendations of the state government were refused by private schools and parents. The parents stated that 70% of the fees is too much. While private schools were demanding the full fees. However, some private schools later agreed to charge 70% per cent. But, after the hearing in the High Court, the verdict was much awaited by everyone.

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