Rajasthan Flying School

Rajasthan Flying School to restart after 11 years


The State Flying School will soon be reopened after a gap of about 11 years. The Jaipur state government is preparing to revive the long-closed State Flying School to train aspiring pilots. It was announced by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Thursday while presenting the budget. He is also the president of the governing council of the flying school.

According to Kesari Singh, Director, Civil Aviation, Flying School, “With the restart of flying school, students of Rajasthan will not have to go out for pilot training. Also, you will get a chance to make a career in the aviation sector. By 2022, there are likely to be about 10,000 new pilots.”

Significantly, this school was closed in 2008 due to the issuance of fake licenses to the pilot, but now the government is going to start it once again so that the aircraft can be used here. Also, students from all over the country can get better training opportunities.

The school currently has one motor glider and two aircrafts ‘Cessna 172’ four-seaters and ‘Cessna 152’ two-seater for training the aspirants. There is a plan for two more aircraft soon. Initially, 20 students will be given training. Students are given training on subjects such as multi-engine aircraft training, instrument flying, instructor rating, etc.

It is a one of a kind flying school in the state. In 2008, one of the trainees of this school reached the anti-corruption bureau (ACB) and claimed that she was trained only for 22 hours while the records of the school mentioned the training of 169 hours. The scam was soon exposed after ACB held a raid at the flying school. The school has been closed since then due to the issuance of fake licenses. At that time there were about 40 children in the school, who were sent to another state to complete training.

At present, there is only a flying school in the state at Banasthali Vidyapeeth located in Niwai, where only Banasthali students can train. Apart from this, there is no other flying school in Rajasthan.

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