Jaipur MNIT

Jaipur MNIT equipped with E-system and wifi cameras


In a move to protect students and faculty of MNIT in Jaipur, seven new Wi-Fi-based cameras, ‘e-system’ will be installed. These 7 new Wi-Fi-based cameras, ‘E-system’ will protect the security reporter of the vehicles of thousands of students and faculty members studying in Jaipur MNIT.

About 6 months ago, the panther was seen roaming inside the campus, which was captured on camera. It is worth noting that at present, students of triple IT Kota and MNIT Uttarakhand are also studying in Jaipur NIT.

These higher resolution cameras are specially placed near the hostel numbers 6, 8 and 3. In the first campus, there were no cameras at all places. In order to protect the entire campus, the cameras have been increased from 35 to 42 to protect the wild animals from the campus.

These 7 cameras have been purchased at a cost of 80 thousand. Now every part of the campus will be under surveillance. Every visitor passing in or out of the campus will be monitored for 24 hours from the monitoring room near the dispensary.

The newly installed cameras are 4 megapixels. All these cameras will cover an area of ​​around 50 meters in their vicinity. Also, Dean Gate on the backside of the Calgary of MNIT has been opened for two-wheelers and the four-wheelers. Earlier only walking was allowed but now the parking facility has also been started for convenience.

According to the Security Officer of MNIT, The number of cameras has been increased from 35 to 42 for the protection of students and faculty at the MNIT Campus. All these cameras will cover all the campus points which will be constantly monitored.

“Presently, we allow the vehicles to enter the campus on the basis of the logo placed on the vehicles. In the future, we will also introduce ‘e-system’ to protect vehicles. Under this, a chip related to MNIT faculty, students and campus will be installed. With this, the security guard at the entry point will check the chip with a detector and find out that the vehicles entering are from outside the campus,” he added.

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