Preparation to provide free electricity up to 300 units’ in Rajasthan 

Free electricity upto 300 units will be provided in Rajasthan, Government will send help to the account of every family for installing solar panels.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone and inaugurated projects worth about Rs 17 thousand crore in Rajasthan in a virtual program on Friday. In this program, Khatipura Satellite Station was gifted to Jaipur. Also, projects of other departments including railways, roads, energy, drinking water, and petroleum were included.

The government has started a very important scheme. Its name is PM Surya Ghar. This means, free electricity plan. Under this, the government is preparing to arrange up to 300 units of free electricity every month. In its beginning, one crore families will be connected across the country. In this, the central government will send assistance directly to the bank account of every family for installing solar panels on the roof. 

75 thousand crore rupees will be spent on this. Middle class and lower middle class people will benefit from this. Their home electricity will become free. Cheap loans will be provided from the bank for installing solar panels. The Rajasthan government has also planned to install solar panels in 5 lakh houses.

Welcome of French President in Jaipur echoed till France

The PM said that the welcome of French President Emmanuel Macron in Jaipur a few days ago. Its echo has been throughout France. This is the specialty of the people of Rajasthan. On whom the people of our Rajasthan shower their love. Leave no stone unturned.

The double engine government of Rajasthan has started to work fast. Today, the foundation stone of 17 thousand projects for the development of Rajasthan has been laid and inaugurated that are associated with many development works. These schemes are going to provide employment to thousands of people of Rajasthan. I congratulate the people of Rajasthan for this.

This project is special

In the foundation stone laying ceremony, the foundation stone of the pending Coach Care Complex at Khatipura station and Bandikui-Agra Track Doubling Project, which is important for Jaipur and Agra division, was also laid. The Prime Minister laid the foundation stone of 8 new projects in Rajasthan at a cost of approximately Rs 2275 crore.

Coach Care Complex will be built in Khatipura 

Khatipura has been made a terminal station to reduce the pressure of trains at Jaipur station. However, approval to build it was given in 2012-13. But due to lack of budget it could not be developed. Now it has been almost a year since this work was completed. Prime Minister inaugurated the terminal station on Friday. Laid the foundation stone of Coach Care Complex to be built at a cost of Rs 205 crore.

According to the train operation experts “in a phased manner, the trains originating/terminating from Jaipur of various cities including Ajmer, Udaipur, Jodhpur will be run from Khatipura by the Railways. However, the Coach Care Complex will take about a year to be constructed. In such a situation, trains will originate/terminate from here, but their maintenance will be done in Jaipur only. 

8 lines will be built in the complex to be built on 16.78 hectares of land. Wheel Diagnostic System (WDS) will also be installed here to check the wheels of the coach. It is noteworthy that earlier this plant was built in Bhatesari near Khatipura at a cost of Rs 476 crore.

On 26th, PM will lay the foundation stone of the stations 

On February 26, the Prime Minister will lay the foundation stone of railway stations included in ROB/RUB and Amrit Bharat Station Development Scheme at 2 thousand locations across the country including Rajasthan. It will be included in the Guinness Book of World Records by Railways. The Prime Minister will virtually inaugurate/lay the foundation stone of these works.

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