Preparation to ban hijab in schools and colleges in Rajasthan

Preparation to ban hijab in schools and colleges in Rajasthan

Preparation to ban hijab in schools and colleges in Rajasthan, for reports from other states for implementing dress code and banning hijab.


A debate has erupted regarding wearing hijab in educational society in Rajasthan. Sources claim that there are preparations to ban hijab in government schools in Rajasthan. For this, a status report has been sought from the other states regarding the hijab ban. 

Senior minister of Bhajanlal government, Dr. Kirori Lal Meena has advocated a hijab ban. According to Dr. Kirori, “Dress code should be followed in schools. Hijab should be banned not only in government but even in private schools and madrassas. I will talk to the Chief Minister on this.”

This issue has heated up after the statement given by Jaipur’s Hawa Mahal MLA Balmukand Acharya in a government school on the Republic Day function. Muslim students of a government school for girls protested against BJP MLA Balmukundacharya for his comments objecting to girls wearing hijab at the Republic Day function in the school. 

Responding to the allegations, Balmukundacharya said: “My speech can be viewed and examined. I did not say anything to the girls. I simply asked the principal if there were two types of uniform in the government school, and if rules allowed two types of dress for Republic Day or annual functions. The principal informed him that hijab was not allowed, but the students did not follow the dress code.”

Report will be sent to the Education Minister

According to sources, a report on the Hijab ban issue will be prepared at a high level in the Education Department and sent to Education Minister Madan Dilawar. Minister himself has sought a report from the department regarding the status of hijab ban in other states and its effects in Rajasthan. 

After studying the patterns of other states, a report on the possibilities of hijab ban will be sent to the minister. After getting the green signal from the higher level, Hijab can also be banned in the schools of Rajasthan. On Monday 29 January, echoes of this controversy were also heard in the Assembly.

What happened in the Hijab controversy in Karnataka.

  • On December 31, 2021, there was a controversy in a college in Udupi district of Karnataka over banning 6 Muslim girl students from wearing hijab. When the controversy escalated, in February 2022, the then Karnataka government had banned wearing of all types of clothes with religious identity in schools and colleges.
  • The Karnataka government had argued for equality behind this. The Karnataka government had banned all types of religious clothing along with hijab.
  • The order argued that any clothing that would disturb equality, integrity and public law and order would not be allowed to be worn in schools.
  • In December 2023, the current Congress government reversed the decision of the BJP government to ban hijab. The Congress government gave permission to wear hijab and burqa in schools and colleges.
  • Karnataka High Court had upheld the decision to ban hijab in schools and colleges. The High Court, while giving its verdict in favor of Hijab ban, had said that the dress code in schools and colleges is correct.
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