Pipeline gas supply will start soon in Jaipur

Jaipur will get domestic gas supply from pipelines soon. There will be savings of up to 20 percent, bill will come as per meter.


Now domestic gas is going to be supplied to kitchens through pipelines instead of cylinders. For this, the first phase work has been completed. Presently, supply of PNG (piped natural gas) has started in more than 7000 houses in some areas of the capital like Jaisinghpura, Mahapura, Journalist Colony, Mahindra SEZ and Neemrana of Alwar. 

There will be meters installed along the pipe in every house, which will tell you how much gas you have consumed. The bill will be generated as per the reading. For safety reasons, the company has also installed a safety wall at an interval of every 3 kilometers in the pipelines, so that the leakage situation can be controlled quickly. 

At present, the work of laying a gas pipeline is going on in Panchyawala-Sirsi Road, Hathoj-Kalwar Road, Vidyadhar Nagar, Jagatpura areas of the city. After this, gas supply will soon be started in more than 40 thousand houses in these areas. By gradually laying the line, it will be covered till the colonies situated in the Municipal Corporation area of ​​Jaipur. 

People of Mahindra SEZ, Jaisinghpura, Mahapura, Journalist Colony, Pachavyala- Sirsi Road, Hathoj- Kalwad Road and Jagatpura area who have not got the connection can apply for PNG supply. The work of laying gas pipeline is being done by Torrent Group in five districts of Rajasthan including Jaipur, Alwar, Dholpur, Kota, Baran. 

This will be the price 

Currently the price of LPG cylinders being used for domestic gas is ₹906.50. At the same time, domestic gas will be available at ₹ 52.50 per SCM (Standard Cubic Meter). After taking PNG connection, people will save 15 to 20 percent. Also, this gas is safer and eco-friendly as compared to LPG.

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