Jaipur Literature Festival 2024

JLF 2024: Know everything about JLF this time

Jaipur Literature Festival from 1st February, Tickets ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 56 thousand; Stand-up comedy also this time.

JLF News

The literature festival will start in Jaipur from 1st February. Big personalities from India and abroad will participate in the JLF to be held at Hotel Clarks Amer for 5 days. Various topics will be discussed in it. This festival is going to be a talk of the town among the people. If you are also planning to go there, then know how to register, where will be the parking space, which session will be held when and for whom, what’s new in JLF this time. 

What are the Prices of JLF passes?

  • General Entry: Rs 200

Entry: Access to all session venues, food courts, book stores and art installation spaces. This will be for one day.

  • School students: Rs 100

Entry: There will be a five day pass. Will be able to access all session locations. Access will also be available at places with participants.

  • Friends of Festival Pass

Price: You will have to pay Rs 13500 for one day, Rs 24500 for two days, Rs 36000 for three days, Rs 46000 for four days and Rs 56000 for five days.

Entry: Access to private lounge. You can meet celebrities here. Refreshment facilities will also be available here. You will receive a welcome kit upon entry. There will also be facilities for private lunch and dinner.

Where to get a pass?

Online: https://jaipurliteraturefestival.org/registration

Offline: From the registration counter near the entry gate outside Hotel Clarks Amer.

What to take with you?

Government ID, pass with QR code issued by the festival

What are the Timings?

It will start from 9.35 am

There will be daily sessions till 6.20 pm at all the venues. 

Jaipur Music Stage events will start from 7 pm in the evening, which will continue for three days.

These artists will perform in Jaipur Music Stage

The three-day event of the Jaipur Music Stage will begin on January 1 with lyricist and poet Alif (Mohammed Munim). The band ‘The Tapi Project’ also joins him on stage. They will present folk, trip-hop, and jazz music here. On February 2, Delhi artist Prabh Deep, who is known for his song ‘Taabiya’, will perform. Performing with them will be ‘The Revisit Project’, who perform in jazz style. Singer-lyricists Salman Elahi and Harpreet will perform on February 3. Apart from this, the band ‘When Chai Met Toast’ will also perform.

Jaipur Music Stage

Famous bands from across the country will perform for three days. This event will take place at Hotel Clarks Amer at night.

The cost for one person’s entry is Rs 950 for one day, Rs 1850 for two days and Rs 2700 for a three-day pass.

For a couple tickets, you will have to pay Rs 1750 for one day, Rs 3400 for two days and Rs 4950 for three days.

Four people will be able to go in the season pass, in this, Rs 3300 will have to be paid for one day, Rs 6200 for two days and Rs 8700 for three days season pass.

Jaipur BookMark: Rs 3500

It will be organized separately with the Jaipur Literature Festival. This is considered a big event for writers and publishing houses. Just as the Jaipur Music Stage event runs in the Jaipur Literature Festival. Similarly, Jaipur BookMark is also organized in JLF for five days. It works like a B2B (Business to Business) platform.

It includes publishers, writers, literary agents, translators, translation agencies and book sellers and discuss new ideas and business plans. It is also very beneficial for writers who want marketing for their books or want a publisher. Experts from all over the world are present here and sessions are organized for them. Only people who have registered with Jaipur BookMark are able to participate in these sessions. 

Its tickets will be available at https:// www.jaipurbookmark.org/. Renowned publishers of the Indian publishing industry will be able to participate in it. In Jaipur bookmark, the ticket will be Rs 3500 for one day, Rs 6000 for two days, Rs 8500 for three days, Rs 11 thousand for four days and Rs 13 thousand for five days.

Where is JLF happening this time?

JLF will be held at Hotel Clarks Amer on JLN Road. These venues have been made

  • Charbagh: As soon as you enter the hotel, a Charbagh has been made in the garden area on the right side. There will be regular sessions and a Jaipur Music Stage program at night.
  • Front Lawn: Created front lawn in largest garden area in Left side when going straight from the entry gate. All the big sessions will take place here, where thousands of people can participate simultaneously.
  • Mughal Tent: The garden behind the front lawn has been converted into a Mughal tent. There will be many important sessions here.
  • Durbar Hall: Clarks Amer’s Largest Banquet has been named Durbar Hall whose path will pass through the front lawn.
  • Living Room: This area is near the swimming pool, where it has been designed in the Rajasthani style of living room. There will be many Rajasthani language sessions here.
  • Nand Ghar for kids: There will be sessions for children and youth. There will be sessions ranging from workshops to various genres. Children will be exposed to experts on many subjects including dance, literature, standup comedy, writers etc.

These big faces will have sessions

  • Ajay Jadeja former Indian cricketer

When– February 1, 1 pm to 1.50 pm 

Where– Front Lawn

  • Durru Miyan, former minister

When– February 2, 5 pm to 5.30 pm 

Where– Front Lawn

  • Amish Tripathi, Author

When is the first session – 1st February, 4 pm to 4.50 pm

Where- Front Lawn

Second session When- February 1, 5 pm to 5.50 pm 

Where- Durbar Hall

  • Gulzar, Writer and Lyricist

When is the first session – February 1, 11 am to 11.50 am

Where- Front Lawn

Second session When- February 2, 1 pm to 1.50 pm 

Where- Front Lawn

  • Naveen Chawla, Former Chief Election Commissioner

When- February 3, 11 am to 11.50 am 

Where- Front Lawn

  • Amitabh Kant ji, India’s Sherpa in 20

First session – February 2, from 11 am to 11.50 am

Where- Mughal tent

Second session – 3 February, 10 am to 10.50 am

Where- Mughal tent

Third session – February 3, 1 pm to 1.50 pm

Where- Mughal tent

Fourth session – 4th February, 5 pm to 5.50 pm

Where- Durbar Hall

Fifth session – 4th February, 3 pm to 3.50 pm

Where- Charbagh

  • Sudha Murthy, Founder of Infosys Foundation

when is the first session

4th February, 10am onwards till 10.50

Where- Charbagh

When is the second session?

Fifth session when- 4th February, 3 pm to 3.50 pm

February 4, 4 pm to 4.50 pm

Where- Front Lawn

  • Sutapa Sikandar, wife of Bollywood actor Drfan Khan and writer

When- February 4, 5.30 to 6.20 pm

Where- Front Lawn

  • Vishal Bhardwaj, Bollywood film director and writer

When is the first session – 4th February, 5 pm to 5.30 pm

Where – Front Lawn

Second session When – February 4, 5.30 pm to 6.20 pm Where – Front Lawn

  • Raghuram Rajan, former Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

When- February 1, 12 noon to 12.50 pm

Where- Front Lawn

Where is the Parking space?

Your vehicle can go only up to the hotel’s entry gate, JLN Marg, after which you will have to park your vehicle in the parking lot.

  • Guest parking: Near the hotel area for festival visitors. The vehicles of guests and speakers will be parked. For this, separate parking stickers will be put on the vehicle. Speakers will also enter the hotel from the entry gate.
  • General Parking: General people will be able to use the parking of Jawahar Circle Garden. Along with this, temporary parking has also been made on the land of nursery and Saras parlor near Jawahar Circle. The car can be parked here also.
  • What to do to avoid jam: Register yourself online. After this, park your car at the parking lot or take a cab to the entry gate of the hotel. There is always a problem of traffic jams here. In such a situation, get down a little before the entry gate and reach here by walking.

What else will be special? 

  • Book Store: Here you will find lakhs of books of famous writers of the country and the world, you will be able to buy them. Here, speakers coming to the festival will be able to purchase a signed book after their session.
  • Food Court: You can enjoy popular food here. Multi Cuisine dishes will be available to the people in this. Apart from this, the hotel’s restaurants will also be open, where you can sit and enjoy the food.

More than 550 writers, speakers and artists from across the country and the world will participate in this mega fest of literature. There will be discussions on 16 Indian and 8 international languages. Indian languages include Assamese, Awadhi, Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Kurukh, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Sanskrit, Tamil, Toda, Urdu and the Banjara language – Lamani (Lambada). 

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