PM Modi to address a public rally in Jaipur on May 1

PM Modi to address a public rally in Jaipur on May 1


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address a public rally at a ground near VT Road in Mansarovar of Jaipur on May 1 before the fifth phase of Lok Sabha polls 2019. Jaipur along with thirteen other Lok Sabha constituencies in Rajasthan will go to polls on May 6.

PM Modi will reach the ground around 5 pm on May 1. The administration is trying to identify a proper place to build a helipad near the venue so that the PM Modi could reach directly to the location in the helicopter, said BJP sources.

According to the BJP officials, earlier the venue was set for Sooraj Maidan near Adarsh Nagar for PM Modi’s big rally in Jaipur. But now the VT road ground has been decided as the venue considering the traffic issues.

The supporters and workers of the party have started preparations for the PM’s visit. The BJP workers of the region are conducting meetings to make the rally a success. Responsibilities are being allocated to the different teams of the party workers.
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