Rajasthan Royals opens new cricket academy in Jaipur for aspiring young cricketers

The Rajasthan Royals has opened a new cricket academy in the Pink City at PS Sports Excellence Arena, Ring Road, Muhana in Jaipur.


IPL franchise Rajasthan Royals, known for developing young cricket players, finally opened their first academy in Rajasthan. This new cricket training facility is located at the PS Sports Excellence Arena in Jaipur at Ring Road, Muhana. 

The Rajasthan Royals have partnered with a Jaipur sports agency to launch their new academy. This academy aims to grow cricket in the state by offering training programs for both boys and girls, teaching them how to play cricket using the Rajasthan Royals’ methods.

The new academy has top-notch facilities to help young players train effectively. This includes two cricket grounds for matches, and 15 practice areas with different surfaces like natural grass, artificial turf, matting, and wickets made from a special kind of stone called Kota stone. The academy even has a dorm that can house up to 30 players, making it easier for them to concentrate on cricket without worrying about travel or accommodation.

To celebrate the opening, some important Rajasthan Royals figures showed up. This included Nandre Burger, one of their fast bowlers, Jake Lush McCrum, the CEO, and Siddhartha Lahiri, a coach who oversees the academy. Lahiri even took the time to train the academy’s coaches in a special session.

The Rajasthan Royals announced a special treat for the new academy members! A two-week cricket camp focusing on the exciting T20 format kicks off today, April 23rd. The camp features a masterclass led by Siddhartha Lahiri, the academy’s head coach, and on April 24th, assistant coaches Trevor Penny and Shane Bond will provide valuable feedback on the players’ skills.

The Rajasthan Royals Academy (RRA) in Jaipur offers a complete training program for aspiring cricketers, both boys and girls, of all ages. This program includes well-organized coaching methods and access to the academy’s excellent facilities.

Just like other Royals academies, RRA Jaipur offers exciting opportunities for its students. These include participating in RRA-organized tournaments worldwide, receiving coaching advice from Royals experts through masterclasses and camps, and even visiting the team’s elite training facility in Nagpur, India.

The Rajasthan Royals, the team that won the very first IPL season, announced plans to open a Jaipur academy back in October 2023. They finally launched the facility this past Saturday.

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