Jaipur Ringus broad gauge train

Jaipur Ringus broad gauge train start to delay till September


The North Western Railways was to start operations of the Jaipur – Reengus train (57 km) in May but has not yet started. This train was earlier closed for gauge conversion (from short to broad gauge line) in November 2016.

On April 23, the train operation on this track was approved in the inspection of the Railway Safety Commissioner (CRS) of Western Circle. The train has to start within three months of inspection but has not started.

According to a senior railway official, the work of Jaipur yard remodeling will begin from August 15 and will be completed in a month. As per the instructions, only after getting the yard remodeling by the railway board, the train will be started in this section from Jaipur. This means that the train operation on this track is delayed until September. This was the first project of North-West Railway that was completed two months before the deadline, but the train did not start.

The CRS was given permission to run the train on this route from April 23-24. It is mandatory to operate a train within 90 days after the approval of the CRS as per the railway rules. In this case, if the train does not run on this route by 23-24 July, then the validity of the CRS inspection will end and the Railways will have to get the approval of the CRS again to run the train on this route.

Earlier three-four trains were operated daily on this route before the track was closed. This delay in the operation of the train has affected 5000 passengers. Most of the daily passengers used to travel on this route. Railways are also facing millions of losses.

The operation of this train on the route will relieve the people of Shekhawati from the problems they went through for the last three years. They will get relief, from the onset of the train.

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