Jaipur to become Ayodhya on January 22

Jaipur will be decorated like Ayodhya on january 22, the city will be illuminated like Diwali with 5 lakh lamps, Major intersections, temples & markets will be decorated.


Diwali-like decorations will be done in Jaipur on the auspicious occasion of Ramlala’s Pran Pratistha Mahotsav to be held on January 22 in the Ram temple of Ayodhya. On this day, more than 5 lakh lamps will be lit in major intersections, government buildings and temples across the city. The corporation has started its preparations.

Municipal Corporation Greater Mayor Dr. Soumya Gurjar held a meeting with the officials of all the committees of the Municipal Corporation and decided the outline of its preparations. She gave instructions to start a special cleaning campaign from January 2. It will start from Statue Circle. 

The Mayor said that there are still 21 days left for Ramlala’s arrival. To beautify the Jaipur city by running a special cleanliness campaign, not only the main roads but also the streets and localities should be cleaned. For this, work should be done in coordination through micro management. The public representatives, officers and employees who played the best role in Ramotsav will also be rewarded. 

Cleanliness in and around the statues of great personalities 

The special cleaning campaign will start from Statue Circle. First of all, the statues of great personaloties installed at major intersections of Jaipur and their surroundings will be cleaned and beautified. After this, the premises of all major religious places will be cleaned on January 3 and all parks will be cleaned on January 4. 

Rangoli will be made at intersections 

Rangoli will be made and lamps will be lit at all the major intersections on January 22. Special decoration will be done at temples, major government buildings and intersections ad they will be illuminated by lighting lamps.

Sunderkand recitals and other events will take place 

On the occasion of Ramlala’s Pran Pratistha Mahotsav, Sunderkand recitations will also be organized at some places in the city. Along with this, other events will also be organized in temples and seminars at some places.

Cooperation from social organizations and business boards 

The Mayor said that for this special cleanliness campaign running in the entire Jaipur city, cooperation will be taken from all the trade unions, social organizations and religious leaders of the city. Along with this, an appeal will be made to trade bodies and social organizations to decorate their institutions and public places with special lighting on 22nd January. 

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