Sunday curfew ends in rajasthan

New guidelines eased restrictions, Sunday curfew ends

Restrictions eased in new Covid guidelines, Sunday curfew ends, schools from 10th to 12th will open from February 1, markets will open till 10 pm.

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The Rajasthan government has issued new guidelines of Covid late on Friday. The state government has given some relief in recently imposed restrictions to control the surge in Covid-19 cases. 

The Covid-19 cases and infection rate reported a decline in Rajasthan. With this The curfew being imposed on Sundays will be lifted and schools will reopen for older children in urban areas. However, these can also be changed at the level of the Chief Minister.

Under the new guidelines, the Home Department has given three exemptions. It has been decided to open schools from 10th to 12th in urban areas across the state from February 1. From February 10, children of classes 6th to 9th will be called to school. Sunday curfew has been abolished across the state. Sunday curfew has already been removed from the rural areas. Markets will now be able to open till 10 pm. At present, there is a provision to close the market till 8 pm.  

Night curfew and other restrictions will continue

Experts have suggested that the relaxation will continue along with following the Covid protocol. Other restrictions including night curfew will continue for the time being. 

Review every week on relaxation in restrictions 

The state government is reviewing restrictions every week. Earlier the restrictions were increased every week, but now preparations are being made to give some relaxation from the suggestion of experts. There will be a review of the relaxation of restrictions according to the situation of Covid spread every week.

Restrictions for those without vaccine 

The government has made it mandatory for everyone to vaccinate by January 31. Provision of both doses of vaccine has been made for going to public places, markets. People without vaccines can be deprived of the benefits of government schemes. There is also a possibility that a separate guideline may also be issued to impose restrictions on those without vaccines. 

Vaccination details will have to be pasted

From February 1, it will be mandatory for every organization, firm, shop to paste the information about the vaccine of the people working here on the information board. In this, separate information will have to be given about the number of employees engaged in single and double doses of vaccine. Details of how many employees did not get the vaccine also have to be given. Failure to do so will result in action under the Epidemic Act.

The limit of 100 in fairs, rallies, meetings and other events

In urban areas of the state, only a maximum of 100 people will be able to participate in social, political, religious programs, rallies, and meetings. In urban areas, only 50 people will be able to attend the events till January 30. First information about any social, political, religious event will have to be given on DOIT’s portal 

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