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Ola-Uber Effect: Autos ready to run on the meter after a revised fare


After the increased domination of Ola and Uber, the Auto Unions have started preparing to run the auto with meters in the city. The Unions have put a condition to revise the fare that was fixed 6 years ago. It is

According to the Unions, only after revising the fare, running the auto from the meter will benefit. The fares should be increased by five rupees in the first 1 km. No matter if the rest of the fare remains the same, it won’t trouble them much.

According to the Rajendra Verma, an RTO officer, “No Auto Union has come to me with such a proposal. If the union brings this proposal and they are welcome.”

The union has now given a letter to revise the rent in the RTO. In the absence of a hearing in the RTO office, unionists led by Sangharsh Samiti convener Amar Singh Chauhan have requested the Transport Governance Secretary and Commissioner to revise the fare. The Secretary has assured to revise the fare of the unions.

The RTO office fixed the auto-rickshaw fare 6 years ago. Earlier, Rs 15 for the first km, followed by Rs 9 per km was decided. Now, Auto Rickshaw Unions are demanding Rs 20 by increasing Rs 5 in the first km. After the first km, charges for post km i.e. Rs 9 per km can remain the same as fixed earlier.

As per the demands, if the RTO revises the fare, the auto-rickshaws are ready to run with the meter. In the next month of rent revision meters will also be corrected. After this, if we do not run autos with meter, we will not oppose or go against the traffic police, said Chandrabhan Gupta, President, Kuldeep Singh General Secretary, Auto Rickshaw Driver Conflict Committee of Jaipur

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