15 domestic gas cylinders yearly to each family

Now 15 domestic gas cylinders yearly to each family

Oil companies have decided of rationing gas cylinders for domestic purpose, Each family to get only 15 gas cylinders in a year


In view of the incidents of black marketing, the oil companies have taken a big decision to stop the incidents of illegal refilling and to increase the sale of commercial gas cylinders. The companies have decided to provide only 15 domestic gas cylinders to each family in a year.

Companies have now controlled the sale of gas cylinders by rationing them for domestic use. A family will get only 15 cylinders per year. If a family needs more cylinders than this, then it will have to first give it in writing to its agency. So that the distributor agency can inform the gas company.

According to the officials of the Indian Oil Corporation Limited, at present the refilling of domestic gas cylinders was made unlimited after the subsidy was stopped. That is, any family could take any number of cylinders. After this exemption, the use of these domestic LPG started increasing in the commercial sector. People started doing business of refilling commercial cylinders and vehicles illegally.

Another major reason behind rationing of domestic gas cylinders is believed to be the fall in the sale of commercial gas. The sale of commercial gas cylinders by gas agencies has come down due to illegal refilling. As companies make more profit from the sale of commercial gas cylinders, they have come up with the decision of controlling the sale of domestic gas cylinders.

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