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Rajasthan Government: Black fungus will be covered under insurance

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After the Black fungus declared an epidemic, the state government will provide insurance cover for Black fungus. It has been announced that the charges of treatment will be covered under Chiranjeevi Yojana and treatment would be free.

On Friday, the health department provided a cover for admission and treatment charges for patients suffering from the Black Fungus at private hospitals. This disease will also be covered under the Chiranjeevi Yojna and the treatment will be free capped by this insurance scheme.

As per the orders of the health department, the patients of Black fungus have been divided into three categories. Charges in private hospitals have been fixed on the basis of these three categories as well as NABH accreditation of hospitals.

For NABH accredited hospitals 

Charge of Rs 5,500 per day for patients with moderate sickness for being kept in an isolation bed with oxygen.

Rs 8,250 for patients with severe sickness who will use ICU beds without ventilators.

Rs 9,900 for patients with very severe sickness who will use ICU beds with ventilators.

For the non-NABH category of hospitals

Charge of Rs 5,000 per day for patients with moderate symptoms

Rs 7,500 for patients with severe symptoms 

Rs 9,000 for those with very severe symptoms. 

The charges will include the cost of PPE kits, consultancy, nursing, food, medicine and consumables, and housekeeping charges, etc.

So far, there have been 700 patients identified with black fungus.

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