elephant safari in jaipur

Elephant safari becomes expensive in Jaipur from Oct 15

New rates for Elephant rides in Jaipur, now people will have to pay Rs 3500 for two, and permission will also be given for film shooting.


Riding elephants in Amer Palace and Hathi Village has now become expensive. Now two people will have to pay Rs 3500 for a ride. The new rates will be applicable from October 15.

This has been done to provide relief to the mahout and his family. Earlier the elephant owner used to get Rs 850, but after this order, now he will get Rs 2500 for a ride. 

The decisions were taken in a meeting of members of Elephant Welfare Institute, officials of Forest Department, Archeology Department and Tourism Department at Aranya Bhawan on Thursday.

Apart from this, there has also been talk on handing over the responsibility of running the rest house in Hathigaon to RTDC. For this there will be an MOU between the two departments. 

Besides, making the website of Elephant Welfare Fund, beautification and giving heritage look to Hathigaon, allotment of space for elephants, setting up biogas plant, making strong arrangements for cleanliness, installing CCTV cameras, and celebrating elephant festival were also discussed in the meeting.  

Entry charges of Hathi Village

The entry charge of Hathi Village has also been increased by Rs 50. To visit the village, a domestic tourist will have to pay Rs 100 and a foreign tourist will have to pay Rs 350. Earlier, a fee of Rs 50 was charged from domestic tourists and Rs 300 from foreigners.

Permission for film shooting will also be given, fee fixed

DescriptionIndian companyforeign companyTrust funds
feature film10000500010000
Pre Wedding Shoot and others50001000010000

Increased Fee will be implemented from October 15

  • Fees have increased after nine years. The new rates will be applicable from October 15.
  • The Rest house built in Hathi village will be given to RTDC.
  • Elephant ride fee in Amer Palace increased from Rs 1100 to Rs 3500.
  • Fees in Hathi village increased from Rs 100 to Rs 350.
  • Jaipur Elephant Festival will be celebrated either in the last week of December or the first week of January.

Compensation of Rs 5 lakh

In the meeting, it has been decided to give compensation of Rs 5 lakh to the elephant owner from the Elephant Welfare Fund in case of death of elephants. The amount of Elephant Insurance and Pension Fund will be deposited in the Elephant Welfare Fund. 

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