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New restrictions named ‘Red Alert Public Discipline Fortnight’ released

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The Rajasthan government has extended the restrictions like lockdown already in the state till May 17. The Home Department has issued a new guideline and increased the strictness this time. It has been named ‘Red Alert Public Discipline Fortnight’. 

In the new guideline, the old restrictions will be continued along with a few new additions. All government offices, markets and commercial organizations except essential services including milk, medical and fruit vegetables will remain closed. The departments that give revenue to the government will remain open.

Weddings have been strictly enforced in the new guideline.

Now, only 31 people will be allowed in weddings instead of 50. The band and catering are kept separate from the count. The list of guests has to be given to the SDM, informing them about the wedding. No one other than the people mentioned in this list will be able to attend the wedding. The condition of completing the ceremony in one event and the same three hours as before. 1 lakh fine for having more than 31 people at the wedding, SDM will face a fine of 5,000 rupees for performing the wedding ceremony without notice. 

However, the Home Department has permitted the wedding ceremonies in the guideline, but at the same time has advised the people to avoid wedding ceremonies during the Covid period. 

Penalties of not following the guidelines also announced under 

Rajasthan Pandemic Act

  • The weekend curfew will continue on Saturday and Sunday. During weekend curfew between 12 noon to 5 pm, those who go outside inexplicably will be institutionalized quarantined till the RTPCR report is not negative.
  • Rs 500 fine for anyone found roaming without face mask at public or workplace will be fined
  • Rs 500 fine for any shopkeeper entertaining customers who are not wearing a face mask 
  • Rs 100 fine for anyone found not maintaining social distancing (6 ft distance)
  • Rs 200 fine for anyone found spitting in public places 
  • Rs 500 for anyone consuming alcohol, tobacco, paan or gutka in public places
  • Rs 500 fine for anyone found without a proper face mask in public transport, cab, rickshaws, trains etc.
  • Rs 5000 for not following social distancing in ceremony and if a prior written notice about the guest list, date, time, venue of the marriage is not given to the sub-divisional magistrate.
  • Rs 10000 fine for any non-compliance with regular sanitation and social distancing during work hours at all workspaces.
  • Rs 10000 fine for anyone organising social, religious, political or any other public program/event (other than marriage & funeral).
  • Rs 1 lakh for wedding ceremonies with more than 31 guests.
  • Rs 1 lakh for any owner, manager or occupier of the marriage garden/venue allowing more than 31 guests for the ceremony
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