Smart water meters jaipur

Smart water meters to be installed in Jaipur city


Jaipur is going to be the first city to get smart water meters installed in the houses of the city. Smart water meters will be installed by the Public health and engineering department (PHED). These meters will give an automatic reading to the consumers and will help in water wastage.

According to the report sent to the higher authorities, Firstly 6,000 meters will be installed in the Jawahar Nagar area. Only after its successful operation, more meters will be installed in the other parts of the city.

“The installation of smart will eliminate the hassle of meter reading as reading will be sent to the consumers immediately on their mobile through SMS or on their emails. These water meters will be very convenient for the people as well as the department. The department will be able to keep a daily track of the amount of water spent by the consumer. If there will be any access use, then that person can be tracked easily.” said Satish Jain, the superintendent engineer of PHED.

A lot of complaints have been filed in a department regarding the illegal water selling. People have been selling water illegally by doing illegal boring in their houses. This project will help PHED officials to detect such people. Maximum water a person can use is 135 litre per day, above which, their usage can be questioned.

At Jawahar Nagar a total number of 6000 households will be installed with smart water meters. The project at Jawahar Nagar is estimated to start probably in July. The project at Jawahar nagar will cost Rs 499 lakh. The cost of the project will not be paid by the consumer. The proposal has been sent to the government and after the final approval, the tender will be invited. Once the meter is installed, there will be no extra charge for their maintenance.

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