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New guidelines for private schools, parents can buy uniforms and books from outside


The education department has become active even before the start of the new academic session in Rajasthan. To overcome the rising fees in private schools and the problems of parents, the Education Department has now prepared a 10-point guideline. If this is not followed, action will be taken against private schools.

According to the Director of Secondary Education Department, Rajasthan, Ashish Modi, “Guidelines have been prepared for private schools running in the state under predetermined provisions, so that students and parents do not have to face any kind of problem.”

“It is also the responsibility of the education department officials to ensure 100% compliance of this guideline. Despite this, if these rules are not followed in any school, then the concerned officer of the education department and the school will be responsible for it and strict action will be taken against it,” he added.

Guidelines issued by the Education Department

1. Parents-teacher meetings should be organized in the schools of the state. School level fees committee should be formed and the names, addresses and mobile numbers of the committee members should be updated on the PSP portal.

2. It is mandatory to update the fees approved by the School Level Fee Committee on the PSP portal in annual and monthly itemized form by creating PDF

3. Charging any kind of fee other than the fees approved by the school level fee committee is against the Fees Act. In such a situation, the recovery made by the school administration in the name of fees will have to be returned to the students and parents.

4. The fees determined by the School Level Fee Committee will be for three academic sessions. Not just for some time.

5. Private schools which are recognized by the Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan like CBSE, CISCE, CAIE. Books will have to be selected for the academic session by following their rules and bye-laws. It is mandatory to upload the information along with the name of the author, price of the book on the school notice board and website one month before the start of the academic session, so that parents can buy them from the market.

6. There should be 100% compliance with the guidelines issued by the Education Department for the sale of items like study materials, stationery, uniforms, shoes, ties, belts in private schools.

7. In private schools, there should be 100% compliance with the rules made for specially abled (disabled) students and female students.

8. Along with prompt hearing of complaints of mental and physical harassment of students, action should be taken against the culprits as soon as possible.

9. Parent teacher meetings should be organized in private schools. In which along with the problems related to students, problems related to school management are also discussed, it will be mandatory to provide information about this to the District Education Officer.

10. It will be mandatory for schools to paste the guidelines and all the information issued by the Education Department on their notice boards and upload them on the website.

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