Jaipur Chaupati Mansarovar

Jaipur Chaupati Mansarovar: All you need to know

If you want to taste the flavours of this city rich in diversity, Jaipur Chaupati, is the best destination. Go experience yourselves and treat your taste buds. We are sure you wouldn’t be disappointed. Happy Eating!


Food lovers might have been to Masala Chowk and Jaipur Chaupati of Pratapnagar. Another open-air public square having a variety of shops and kiosks serving street food that has won many hearts is the chaupati at Mansarovar. Yes, we are talking about Jaipur Chaupati! Eager to know about Jaipur Chaupati. How is the food? What are the food items available there? How is the ambience? How much is the cost? Here we go!

Jaipur Chaupati, Mansarovar 

Jaipur Chaupati

Following the lines of the very famous Masala Chowk in Jaipur, and similar to the chaupati of Pratap nagar, the foodies in Jaipur are blessed with another food court in Mansarovar. The chaupati is situated right in front of Dwarkadas park in Mansarovar. It is a one-stop destination to enjoy the local flavours of Jaipur. If you are a true foodie, this place will definitely be your favourite! Jaipur Chaupati has all the popular street food of Jaipur at one place to let you enjoy with friends, family and partners and cater to your cravings. It makes for a great family outing since it houses varied food outlets so that everyone can munch on the food of their choice at a single spot. 

The ambience of Jaipur Chaupati

As you enter, the ambience of Jaipur Chaupati spells magic on you. It is an open-air food court with an ample seating arrangement. Though chaupati is smaller than the chaupati of pratap nagar, it can accommodate a good amount of people at a time. When you enter you will find a selfie spot at the left. This selfie spot attracts everyone with its beautifully decorated wall in white with traditional designs on it. The interior is spacious with small fountains, fans and nicely constructed seating space in the middle. There are multi-brand eateries lined up in all three corners serving delightful cuisines and desserts. Not just this, for public entertainment they organize various live band performances from 6 pm to 8 pm every evening.

Food at Jaipur Chaupati

Clubbed together there are a total of 22 outlets offering a huge assortment of street food in the menu. They serve local street food as well as cuisines from across the country. You will get everything right from chats, Gol-Gappa, ice creams, kulfi, dosa, and so on. Whether you are vegetarian, non-vegetarian or eggiterian there’s something for everyone. They also have a shop that sells toys and craft items for kids. Serving an authentic street food experience along with a cosy and comfortable ambience, Jaipur Chaupati is worth a visit.

List of food shops at Jaipur Chaupati, Mansarovar

You will get to taste the best of street food at 22 renowned food shops in this chaupati. Below is the list of shops at Jaipur Chaupati.

  1. Farm Pizzeria
  2. Krishna Sweets
  3. Sunrise Bakers
  4. Rajasthani Vyanjan
  5. Dakshin
  6. We Desi
  7. Pandit Kulfi
  8. Shri Bombay Pav Bhaji
  9. JFS Chole Bhature
  10. Narayan ji Gazak wale
  11. Gaurav’s
  12. The Organic Way 
  13. Paparazi 
  14. Kalkatti Chat Bhandar 
  15. Chopati King 
  16. Gopal Patashi Bhandar
  17. Dana Pani
  18. Egg Fort
  19. Chaiwalas
  20. Flavors
  21. Kripa craft and toys
  22. Indian juice and shakes

If you want to taste the flavours of this city rich in diversity, Jaipur Chaupati, is the best destination. Go experience yourselves and treat your taste buds. We are sure you wouldn’t be disappointed. Happy Eating!

Cost of food items at Jaipur Chaupati, Mansarovar

The price range of most of the dishes at the food joints of Jaipur Chaupati is between Rs 80 to Rs 180. The food at this place does not just taste good but is affordable and hygienic. Jaipur Chaupati is sure to keep your pocket happy. 

Entry fees at Jaipur Chaupati, Mansarovar

The chaupati charges 10 Rs. per person for the entry. 

Facilities at Jaipur Chaupati, Mansarovar

It has facilities for hand washing with cleanliness and hygiene maintained. Also, most of the shops accept digital payments so you don’t have to worry when in low on cash. There is only a minus point that outside food is not allowed at this place so if you want to celebrate your bday party you won’t be able to bring cake from outside. Otherwise this place is a great option to treat your friends or arrange get-togethers. 

Car parking at Jaipur Chaupati, Mansarovar

The car parking is built in the premises itself just outside the Jaipur Chaupati. There is ample parking space and you won’t face any trouble. However you may find rush at Jaipur Chaupati during peak hours or the weekends.

Timings to visit Jaipur Chaupati, Mansarovar

Jaipur Chaupati’s opening time is 11 AM and the closing time of all the shops is 11 PM. 

Best time to visit Jaipur Chaupati, Mansarovar

Your timing needs to be right to enjoy Jaipur Chaupati’s experience. Make sure you plan your trip other than weekends to avoid the immense rush. We recommend visiting Jaipur Chaupati during the daytime or early evenings.

Jaipur Chaupati, Mansarovar Address

Dwarka das marg, Mansarovar Sector 11, Mansarovar, Jaipur

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