ICAI Final 2023 results: 3 Jaipurites under Top 50

5 students from Jaipur scored under AIR 50 in CA Final and Intermediate exams. The results were declared on Wednesday.


The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has released the CA Final and Intermediate May 2023 result on Wednesday. In this, three students from Jaipur Vishesh Kabra, Priya Agarwal, Ayush Kataria scored ranks under top 50.

Vishesh Kabra secured AIR 33 in CA final with 506 marks out of 800, Priya Agarwal secured AIR 42 and Ayush Kataria got AIR 44. While in intermediate, Harshika Khandelwal from Jaipur scored AIR 16 getting 642 out of 800 marks and Pranav Dhoot ranked AIR 21 in intermediate and scored 629 out of 800.

The journey of some of these toppers to reach here was not that easy. Priya Agrawal shares her story of how she overcame the biggest hurdle of her life.

Priya Aggrawal shared her story

All Over India ranker Priya Agarwal of Jaipur, who secured 42nd rank shared that the journey till becoming a CA was no less than a dream for me. Last year I was preparing well for the CA exam and was about to appear in November. I had also given the first paper, but just before the second paper, I suddenly got pain in my right hand and within no time my hand stopped working.

Due to which I was unable to write in the exam. My condition troubled the whole family. We went to the best doctor in Jaipur. He tested me and told me that I have a disease called muscle pajam in my hand. The body part gets jammed in this. The doctor tied a plaster on my hand. I didn’t give up. I decided to appear for the exam with my hands plastered. I appeared for the second and third papers and were also given with plaster-tied hands. My condition worsened in the fourth paper. That day during the exam itself, my right side body got swollen. After this when my body stopped supporting me and I decided not to give the exam.

This one decision shattered all the dreams of my life. I started feeling completely depressed and hopeless. My family supported me completely and boosted me up. Then I started my treatment from an expert doctor. I came to know that this disease can be gradually reduced and eradicated by physiotherapy. Since then till today I have been taking physiotherapy every day and even during the CA exam. So that I can give my paper easily. As a result today I am among the top 50 students in the country.

The story of Vishesh Kabra

Vishesh Kabra of Jaipur, who secured All Over India 33rd rank in the final CA final result, shares that after the exam, I had doubts about clearing the paper. My initial paper itself was spoiled. The audit paper was out of the box in the exam. Because of this, I was able to attempt only 70% of the paper. While I had prepared very well for the audit. Audit was my weak subject, but when I returned home after giving the paper. I was totally dejected. My mental situation had deteriorated so much that I was not able to talk to anyone. Seeing my mental situation, my family fully supported me. After this, I started preparing more thoroughly. I gave all the papers in which my marks also got good. As a result, I have got 33rd rank in India.

Harshika Khandelwal suffered Panic attacks

Harshika Khandelwal of Jaipur, who secured All Over India 16th rank in CA Intermediate exam, shared that I was a school topper but before the CA exam, when mock tests were being conducted in the institute, my marks suddenly dropped off co. All those who were behind me before, have gone ahead of me. Thinking about this, I got very upset. The fear of exams made me more restless and I started having panic attacks. My father motivated and boosted me a lot. This gave me courage. After that I started my preparation again. Slowly my marks started improving, my confidence developed again. As a result, I gave my best in the exam.

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