Panic of snatchers in the city, three mobile and purse snatched


The cases of bikers robbing and snatching in the city   become common nowadays Bikers are openly looting mobile and purses from the hands of women and men walking on the roads.

Four cases of bikers raid have been reported at Bajaj Nagar, Bani Park, Murlipura and Jhotwara in last 24 hours.

Three cases of loot

Case 1- Gandhinagar resident Pankaj Jain filed a report in Bajaj Nagar police station on Thursday. He is a librarian in State High School in Rajgarh, Alwar. On Thursday evening, he came to Gandhi Nagar station by train. There he was booking a cab from a mobile outside the station. During this, two bikers came on a bike and took away the mobile. Police are looking for bikers.
Case 2- Shantan Nagar resident Sahil Khan filed a report in Jhotwara police station on Thursday. On that afternoon, he was going to Shyam Bihari Nagar by walking through Kanta Choraha from Kanti Nagar. During this time, bike riders on the way took away his mobile by striking a piece of glass on his hands. The police registered the report and trying to find the footage of the miscreants in the nearby CCTV.

Case 3- Indra Colony resident Amit Kumar Dhiman lodged a report in Bani Park police station on Thursday. He works in the Regional Ayurveda Research Institute. Late night on Wednesday after he got down from a bus was walking to home. During this, two miscreants snatched away his mobile by riding on the scooter near the Space Mall.

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