smart LED lights on streets of Jaipur

JDA to install smart LED lights on streets of Jaipur

JDA will install 5 thousand smart LEDs on the roads of the city, the IP address of each light will be turned on and off through the app.


JDA will now install smart LED lights instead of sodium lights on the city roads. 10-15 year old sodium lights are consuming more electricity and giving less light. Smart lights will be installed in place of 5 thousand lights in different areas. The specialty of these smart lights is that the intensity of light can be increased or decreased as per the need.

Due to being connected to e-SIM, monitoring and controlling of these lights will be done through mobile app. Each smart light will have an IP address. Each light can also be tracked in the mobile app and network operation center and through this the lights will be switched on and off. Tracking each light through a mobile app will ease maintenance.

Smart lights will provide double the illumination on the road

The efficiency of sodium lights was 50-80 lumens per watt ATC, while the efficiency of the new smart lights will be 140 lumens per watt. 140 lumen efficiency can be dimmable i.e. the brightness can be increased or decreased according to the timing. The main reason behind replacing the sodium lights was that due to them becoming old, the wattage increased i.e. electricity consumption started increasing. Parts were also not available.

NB-IOT system will instantly detect loss, damage or theft

  • NB-IOT system will be used in smart lighting, each light will have an e-SIM. With this, each light can be monitored.
  • Smart lights will have sensors which will immediately alert the control room about damage to the light, breakage or breakage of the pole.
  • The company that installs the lights will set up a control room, and people will be able to complain about faulty lights only through the mobile app.

Work will be completed in four months

According to Electrical-1st XEN CP Gupta, JDA has issued a work order and smart lights will be installed in 4 months. 5 thousand lights will be replaced in Ajmer Road, Kalwad, Govindpura, Sirsi Road, SEZ area, Manipal Connecting Road, Affordable Housing, ROB, RUB, BSUP Housing areas. By installing smart lights, 90% i.e. 29 lakh units of electricity will be consumed less and Rs 3 crore will be saved annually. Smart lights can be dimmable from 100 to 0 efficiency.

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