Free electricity up to 100 units in Rajasthan

Free electricity up to 100 units for all

CM Gehlot announces free electricity up to 100 units and exemption from additional surcharges, and any other fees for up to 200 units.


In Rajasthan, all types of electricity consumers, including domestic and commercial, will get free electricity up to 100 units. Apart from this, no surcharge, permanent charge, electricity fee will have to be paid on the electricity bill up to 200 units. 

CM Ashok Gehlot announced this late on Wednesday night. Earlier he had announced in the budget to give 100 units of free electricity only to domestic consumers. Now its scope has been extended to all consumers. Now even if you have a commercial connection, you will get 100 free units. 

Elaborating on the scheme, there will be zero electricity bill up to the first 100 units consumed. No consumer will get any bill for the first 100 units of electricity consumed. Families whose consumption exceeds 100 units every month would still get the first 100 units free.

More to this, users who consume up to 200 units per month will not only enjoy free usage for the first 100 units but will also be relieved from all associated charges and fees up to the 200 units mark.

Focusing on announcements of direct benefit to the public with popular initiatives, Gehlot is trying to win over the public for the approaching election year. 

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