Jaipur’s Rahul won bronze medal in World Championship

Rahul Saini of Jaipur made the state and nation proud winning a bronze medal in the World Pench Silat Championship organized in Malaysia.


Rahul Saini of Rajasthan won a bronze medal in the World Pench Silat Championship organized in Malaysia from July 26 to 31, welcomed with a victory procession and drums.

Rahul reached Jaipur on Wednesday after winning a medal in the International Championship. On reaching Jaipur, the Rajasthan Pench Silat Association welcomed Rahul who brought laurels to the country by winning the bronze medal in the 55-60 kg category.

He was welcomed by the officials of the Rajasthan Pench Silat Association. He was welcomed at PHED Sports Club and his victory procession was also taken out so that other players could also be inspired.

According to Mahesh Kayath, President of Pench Silat Association of Rajasthan, “A total of 36 players from India took part in the 6-day long 19th World Championship. During this time, seven bronze medals won by Indian players illuminated the name of the country. Rahul is also one of them.”

Many officials including Dinesh Bangad, Director of Penchak Silat Association of Rajasthan, International Referee Pooranmal, Devendra Saraswat, Abdul Razzaq Amit Kumar, Rohitash Kumar, Director of Indian Pench Silat Federation, Pench General Mohammad Iqbal, President Kishore Yawale, General Secretary Free Hamid Yasin, congratulated the coach Irfan Aziz Botta, player Rahul Saini and Pench Silat team at all India level.

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