First Day of The School

First Day of The School: Get over those first day jitters


With April first week comes a fresh beginning of school sessions, when hundreds of little ones take their first step into a long road of their education journey. Going off to the school is a turning point for parents as well as the child. For kindergartens it’s the first step into an unknown world away from home and parents. While for parents it is the first time they will leave their child into someone else’s care. They ponder over a random thoughts crossing their mind whilst going through a myriad of emotions.

Many kids feel anxious and bit scared about starting school, whereas some settle in quickly to a new setting and friends. It varies from child to child how longer they take in transition to a new environment. It’s pretty likely that you will have the last minute worries. A slight forethought and little efforts can make your tiny one’s first day of the school happier. You just have to be ahead of the actual times.

  • The first thing you can do is make your child familiar with the school thing. Read them stories about starting school. Share your own school stories with them. Talk about your favorite teacher, how you made new friends or a fun activity you remember.
  • Shop for the items that are easily manageable by your child. For eg. They should be able to open and close their coat, lunch box, water bottle or school bag. Make sure their water bottle does not leak. Also, prefer their school footwears with velcro, avoiding laces.
  • Teach your child how to eat lunchbox, how to pack it back, how use the toilet properly. They should not get upset with any stuff they are unable to do or wetting their pants. This may ruin their school experience making them feel uncomfortable going to school again.
  • Label their every stuff. Make sure they can identify the label of their own worksheet or book. This will make it their habit to keep their things safe and not misplace into the school. Also, write all their necessary info in a diary like phone no. address etc. In case if your child gets into any problem, it will be easy to know their info. If your child is allergic to anything, list those allergies on a little card.
  • Visit the school before the actual day when the term starts. Make your child aware of the school surroundings walking around the school space. Introduce your child to common school activities before time. If possible meet the teacher with your child. A teacher child relationship is very important as your child will remain with them in your absence. Also, when your child will feel connected with the teacher they will easily get adapted to the new atmosphere on the starting day.
  • Understandably, you and your child both will be nervous about the first day but try not to pass on your worries  to your child. You may get emotional to see their eyes mist over and their voices change. Don’t worry, tears are normal. Parents often get more emotional than the child. Don’t get carried away with their emotions and don’t feel bad to walk away. The more you will act calm, the more confident your child will be. Your child will stop crying more quickly if you are not there.
  • Reintroduce your child to the teacher on the first day of school so that he knows he is in hands of a known person. Also, introduce him with the fellow kids. Engage them in an activity and leave the classroom soon. The longer you will take, harder it will be.
  • Bidding goodbye can be the hardest moment but is essential as well. When it’s time to go, never sneak out. Disappearing without a goodbye may risks their trust in you. Bid them goodbye by saying “See you later!” This will assure your child that you’ll be there to pick them up.
  • It will be helpful if you can drop and pick up your child from school for the initial days. When you go for pickup, try to engage them in an activity before going home. It will make them want to come back again. You can then tell your child that you will be back next day to continue that activity.
  • Making friends is very important for you as well as your child. Meet and chat with other parents. You’ll have a lot in common over as both of you will be going through the same process. You can share and discuss your views, maybe you get solutions too! Also, invite your child’s new school friends to your home so that they make a bond together. Talk to them about the school, new friends, teachers, and new activities they do in school.

Lastly, don’t forgot to make memories! Click lots of pictures that reminds you of these precious milestone moment in future. Your child will soon settle down and enjoying the company of other children and fun activities. Hope these few points help you and your child get through the emotional part easily and smoothly.

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