Jaipur to be the first city in the country to have 3 leopard safaris

Nahargarh in Jaipur to start leopard safari, a 16 Km track along with waterpoints and grassland will also be developed in dense forest at Nahargarh.


After Jhalana and Amagarh of Jaipur, Leopard Safari is about to start in Nahargarh by the end of this year. Leopard safari is being done by the Forest Department in the forests of Nahargarh. Different tracks are being prepared for Leopard Safari at Nahargarh. 

Actually, there is movement of 15 to 20 leopards in the forests located in Nahargarh of Jaipur. Given this, after Jhalana and Amagarh, Leopard Safari is being made by the Forest Department in the forests of Nahargarh as well, which will be about 16 kms. Along with this, a water point for leopards, two safari tracks for tourists will be prepared where leopards can be seen from close.

Increase in Leopard population in Jaipur

The number of leopards in Jaipur has been increasing continuously for some time. About 70 leopards are living in Jhalana, Amagarh and Nahargarh safaris. To see the leopard in Jaipur, not only Rajasthan but tourists from all over the country and the world reach here. Many Bollywood stars and cricketers have also reached Jhalana in Jaipur to see the leopard.

According to Dhirendra K Godha, member of the Rajasthan State Wildlife Board, “Till now tourists used to come to Jhalana and Amagarh only to see leopards closely. But soon leopards will be able to be seen closely in the forests of Nahargarh. Due to this wildlife tourism will also get a boom.”

“We have been demanding for a long time that Jaipur should also be given the status of World Leopard Capital because Jaipur is probably the only city in the world that has three wild leopard safaris, where leopards can be seen in their natural habitat,” he added. 

Leopards of Rajasthan are stronger. 

There are 7 species of leopards in the world. One of these is found in India. It has two distinct parts. In this, the Snow Leopard is found in the Himalayas in the areas of Ladakh, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh. While the remaining species of leopards are found throughout the country.

Since weather in Rajasthan is hot and the temperature remains 30 to 45 degree Celsius for about 7-8 months a year. Due to this, compared to other areas of the country, the leopard of Rajasthan is physically and mentally stronger, thriving in spite of less water, more heat, and less food availability.

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