Pinjra Pol Goshala

Jaipur’s Pinjra Pol Goshala has built a 6-storey building to house birds

Pinjara Pol Goshala has built a 6-storey multicolored building to house birds in Jaipur. The tower can accommodate close to 2000 birds at a time.


With increasing heat, the birds in the skies have had their survival threatened, with some of them falling from the sky due to exhaustion. In an effort to provide them shelter and to stop this from happening, Pinjara Pol Goshala in Jaipur has constructed a six-storey multicolored building exclusively for birds.

The thoughtful initiative was begun by the members of Pinjara Pol Goshala in Jaipur. It has been built with the help of artisans of Gujarat. This beautiful birdhouse stands tall with multiple small gate-like openings, where birds can rest. The 80 feet high tower can accommodate nearly 2,000 birds at a time. Their food and drink arrangements are also there in separate flats.

According to a Pinjara Pol Goshala member, “It can shelter about 2,000 birds at a time. Today, people live in huge buildings but they forget about birds, which is why we came up with this.”

People are appreciating this initiative for birds. Though many pointed out the initiative saying that there would be no need for such things, if we had more trees around for the birds to take shelter. As of now, nothing can help more but this step sure does. 

While the initiative is indeed a great stride, we need to focus our energies and resources on ensuring that the home of birds ‘trees’ are not cut indiscriminately. We have a moral responsibility towards animals that needs to be fulfilled.

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