Jaipur launches new RJ-60 Series for Vehicle Registration

Jaipur launches new RJ-60 Series for Vehicle Registration as RJ-45 Series is over

Vehicles of Jaipur city will now be registered in RJ-60 series, old series RJ-45 comes to an end.


Vehicle numbers of the residents of Jaipur city of Rajasthan will now get a new identity. Vehicles of people living outside Jaipur city will be registered in RJ 60 series as the old series of vehicles in the RJ-45 series is ending. 

Now the Transport Department will stop the number of RJ 14 series in Jaipur. This series will be closed for two wheelers in the state within one to two days. According to the standard, the number of any vehicle can now be up to ten numbers. In such a situation, it ends after a while.

The new series is not available for cars with five seats with up to 5 seater capacity. Along with this, RJ 14 is also not available for two wheeler and series more than five-seater. The number of vehicles of Jaipur city are already being registered under RJ-14 and RJ-45. Now after the end of both the series, the numbers will be registered in RJ-60.

The old series RJ-45 is coming to an end

According to Jaipur RTO official, the vehicles of Jaipur city are being registered in RJ 45, but due to the end of RJ 45 series, now vehicles will be registered in new series RJ 60. Before this, the registration of vehicles of Jaipur city was being done in RJ 14. RJ 45 was introduced after the completion of the RJ 14 series. But now the RJ45 series is also ending in many vehicles. In this case, after the series of both numbers is over, the vehicles will be registered in RJ60.

Vehicles will not be registered in RJ 14 and RJ 45 

As per the RTO officials, registration of new vehicles will not be done in RJ 14 and RJ 45. After the end of the RJ 14 and RJ 45 series, the Transport Department has decided to issue a new series. Now a new series RJ 60 has been issued for registration of vehicles in Jaipur. 

In Jaipur RTO Pratham, there will be registration of vehicles in RJ 60 series. RJ 14 and RJ 45 series have been very popular. Vehicles are registered with different codes in all the districts. There are more than 1 codes. 

Vehicle registration codes

RJ 01 of Ajmer, 

RJ 03 of Banswara, 

RJ 04 of Barmer, 

RJ 05 of Bharatpur, 

RJ 06 of Bhilwara, 

RJ 07 of Bikaner, 

RJ 08 of Bundi, 

RJ 09 of Chittorgarh, 

RJ 10 of Churu, 

RJ 11 of Dhaulpur

RJ 12 of Dungarpur,

RJ 13 of Sriganganagar 

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