Heavy rains and gusty winds in Jaipur brings relief from heat

Stormy rain, 96 km speed of thunderstorm in Jaipur, coldest May night in 50 years, Damage due to falling of electric pole, wall and tree.


The stormy rains in Jaipur last night wreaked havoc. There was a sudden change in weather, the period of stormy rain started in Jaipur late on Thursday night. There was heavy rainfall, dust storms accompanied with lightning and high velocity winds breaking the record of 10 years. 

Due to this storm that hit Jaipur late last night, trees, plants, walls, electric poles fell at many places in the city, causing a lot of damage. Flight operations at the airport were also affected for about an hour. However, The weather turned cold due to rain in most areas and people have gotten relief from the heat.

Due to strong winds blowing at a speed of 96KM per hour in the capital Jaipur, many areas were witnessed abrupt power cuts. Normal life and vehicular traffic was also affected in and around the city. Nautapa (nine days of severe heat wave) in the state started with pleasant weather as there was a dip of almost 8°Celsius in the maximum and minimum temperatures.

Damage due to falling electric poles, wall and tree

It was a cloudy day in Jaipur on Thursday. By the evening the weather changed and it started raining heavily. Visibility also reduced to 10-15 meters due to heavy rains. It rained heavily in the Walled City area and water was flooded in many areas. Trees were uprooted at some places and hoardings fell on the road.

After the strong storm that hit Jaipur after 10 pm, trees fell at many places in Jaipur, a car parked near Khole ke Hanumanji temple was damaged after a huge tree fell on it; a part of the mobile tower installed on a campus in Raja Park in Jaipur broke down and fell on the road. Three motorcycles and an auto parked near the Jawahar Nagar bypass were also damaged after a wall collapsed. Also, death of some cattle has also been reported in Bindayaka area.

Similarly, there was a traffic jam for some time due to the falling of a big tree on Delhi Road. Later, the way was opened by removing the tree with the help of a crane. Due to a severe thunderstorm late at night in Jaipur, I3 flights from different cities could get signal to land at Jaipur airport after a long time.

Mercury dip, Coldest night in May in 50 years in Jaipur

Due to rain, thunderstorm and hailstorm, the day’s maximum temperature also went below normal. Jaipur received 13.2 mm of rain. After the rains in Jaipur in the last 24 hours, the temperature has dropped by 17 degrees. Jaipur recorded a minimum temperature of 17.3 degrees Celsius last night, making it the coldest May night in Jaipur in the last 50 years. Earlier on May 24 last year, the minimum temperature of Jaipur was recorded at 18.9 degree Celsius.

New disturbance will be active from 28, Hail alert with stormy rain

According to the weather experts, there is a possibility of rain in the state in the next 48 hours with a dust storm blowing at a speed of 60 km. At the same time, from May 28, the new Western Disturbance will become active, due to which the process of rain will start once again. In such a situation, the weather will remain cool for the next 7 days and there will be no heat wave. 

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