Rajasthan gets hi-tech railway station

Jaipur gets hi-tech railway station – Khatipura Terminal Station

Jaipur’s terminal station is ready with walls built like mansions and AC waiting room, 100 cars can also be parked; Trains will run for Delhi-Ajmer


A Hi-tech terminal station is ready and all set to operate in Jaipur. This terminal station has been built at Khatipura near Jagatpura. It has been given a heritage look with the walls built like mansions. Soon trains will run from here to Delhi and Ajmer.

At present the load of trains and passengers is high at Jaipur Junction. With the opening of Khatipura Terminal Station, the load of Jaipur Railway Junction will reduce by 40 percent. It has been completely developed as a terminal station.

Earlier there were only two platforms and four lines at Khatipura station. Currently 6 platforms are ready. This is the first terminal station of Jaipur from where direct trains will be able to run. This will reduce the number of trains originating from Jaipur station.

Hi-tech facilities at Khatipura station

Entry has been given at this station from only one side, which is towards platform number 1. Given this, passengers will have to take care of entry. Parking arrangements are also made at this station. 6 vehicles can be parked together. For this, eight lines have been made at the station. A total of 100 cars and 220 bikes can be parked at a time in the station. 

This terminal station has 8 tracks on 6 platforms. Watering facilities have also been provided in the trains. A reservation counter has also been built at the terminal station with a seating capacity of 850 passengers. Food stalls will start soon at the station. The process for that has also been started.

Along with this, this station also has the facility of foot over bridge and escalator. Besides, AC waiting rooms have also been made in it like Jaipur Junction. High vision CCTV cameras have been installed for security. High level platform facility has been provided at Khatipura station. Disabled friendly facilities have been provided with G+1, station building, 6 meter wide foot over bridge.

Security along with heritage look

Khatipura station was completed in 3 years. It has been given a complete heritage look for the passengers visiting the station. Jaalis have been made on the outer wall of the station like mansions. As soon as you enter the station, first of all photos of Govind Devji and Hawa Mahal have been placed on both sides. Culture and historical artwork has been erected throughout the station. Along with GRP and RPF, a police post will also be built at some distance from the station.

Trains will run for Delhi-Ajmer

Earlier there was a plan by the Railways to run three trains from Khatipura station. This includes Jaipur-Jodhpur, Jaipur-Ajmer and Jaipur Hyderabad Express trains. Due to many technical reasons it was postponed for the time being. Railways will soon start trains to Delhi and Ajmer from this station.

Along with this, the proposal to operate 4 to 5 trains has been sent to the Railway Board. As soon as the order comes, trains will start from Khatipura. Jaipur-Jodhpur High Court Daily, Hyderabad- Jaipur Weekly, Nagpur-Jaipur Weekly trains will run. 

Coach maintenance complex being built at a cost of Rs 205 crore

The biggest feature of Khatipura station is the coach maintenance complex being built at a cost of Rs 205 crore. Due to which it will be possible to do the maintenance of train coaches in Khatipura instead of Jaipur. In this, all types of rakes like Vande Bharat, LHB etc will be maintained. Its tender process will start now. Also, an electric trip shed is also being built at Khatipura station towards Jagatpura where trains like Vande Bharat, MEMU will be maintained. 

According to a senior railway official, it will take one and a half to two years to be ready. Until it is not ready, the trains will originate/terminate from here, but their maintenance will be done in Jaipur only. One by one, trains from various cities including Ajmer, Udaipur, Jodhpur, starting or ending from Jaipur will be run from Khatipura by the Railways.

What is a terminal station?

When there is a high load of trains at a big station in a city. In such a situation, a terminal station is built at another place in the city from where trains are made and run or the station at which trains arrive and terminate. They are terminal stations. To put it in simple words, the starting point and ending point of a train is the terminal station.

Now all the trains will start from Khatipura itself and will not be brought to Jaipur Junction. Jaipur Junction will function only as a mid station. The original station will now be Khatipura only.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently laid the foundation stone of this station. It has been built at a cost of Rs 193 crore and Rs 205 crore more will be spent on this station. It will cost approximately Rs 400 crore to complete this station. 

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