VIP traffic protocol ended, CM will move in traffic like common people

Big decision of Rajasthan government, VIP traffic protocol ended, No VIP arrangements are to be made during the Rajasthan Chief Minister's movement.


Considering the traffic problems faced by the common man and patients, Rajasthan Chief Minister has ended the VIP traffic protocol. Now VIPs including the Rajasthan Chief Minister will move in traffic like common people and no VIP arrangements are to be made during his convoy movement. 

Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma will now move in traffic like a common man. During a red signal, his convoy will also stop at the intersections like the general public. The police administration has also started implementing this decision of the CM. CM took the decision to provide relief to the people from traffic.

On Wednesday night, the CM stopped at the red signal at OTS Circle like the common man. However, the security personnel surrounded his vehicle. Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma had told the Director General of Police (DGP) Rajasthan that traffic should not be stopped while his convoy was moving on the road.

The common people standing in the traffic were quite surprised to see the Chief Minister standing in the crowd like this. Some people were also seen taking photographs of the CM.

According to the DGP UR Sahu, “He had received a call from the CM that people face problems while moving in his city. It has been seen many times that people get stuck in traffic most of the time, many times, photos of ambulances stuck in traffic are published in the papers, hence such a plan should be made so that people do not face problems when they go out on the road.”

He added, “The responsibility of the CM’s security is ours. Opinion in this matter will also be taken from the vehicles in the CM’s convoy and the police officers on those vehicles. Further plans will be made, once this decision is discussed with the Intelligence ADG, Jaipur Police Commissioner.”

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