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Owners with caste, religion or political display on their vehicles will be penalized


As per the new orders by traffic department vehicles having stickers of caste, Religion, designations, political parties have been banned from now. Vehicle owners caught having such displays will have to pay a penalty.

The Civil Rights Society issued an order sending a letter on August 9. The letter states that the owners found violating this law and having slogans or stickers on their car proclaiming caste, village names, religion or affiliation to any political party will face strict action. This order has come into effect from 3rd September 2019.

According to the Civil Rights society, the trend of displaying such sensitive information on their widescreen is on the rise nowadays. This is hazardous and escalates communalism, casteism in society. This may also distract other drivers and could inadvertently result in accidents.

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The police are now all geared up to act on the motorists who till date have been blatantly displaying caste and religious stickers on their vehicles. There are also members who belong or are affiliated to political parties who have been found to be putting up large banners on the rear windscreens of their cars.

According to a senior traffic police officer, Writing on number plates was always considered illegal and warranted a fine of Rs.5,000. However, the order does not specify any exact penalty in the case of cars, branding these stickers and slogans on the body or the widescreen.

The basic aim of the move is to ensure that the windscreens are free from any such signs, which result in poor visibility and act as a distraction to drivers. 

As the order does not reveal any specified penalty. According to the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 under Section 177, if there is no penalty mentioned, a minimum fine of Rs.100 can be imposed for a first-time offense, extending to Rs.300 for subsequent offenses. Now, as the new traffic fines are coming into effect, higher penalties may be imposed for such offenses.

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