Indira market in Jaipur

Indira market in Jaipur surrounded by fierce flames


Saturday afternoon was heart-wrenching for the capital city Jaipur. Indira Bazaar located at Ajmer Gate, in Pink city Jaipur was suddenly engulfed in flames on Saturday. The fire in a cracker shop got uncontrollable and caused explosions in the vicinity.

The fire blaze from a firecracker shop also gutted nearby shops. As soon as the firecracker shop caught fire, the glass of the clothes shops around cracked due to the blasts and heat. The shopkeepers rushed out of the shops leaving them open. The fire spread rapidly as more clothing shops were around.

The fire started at around 1 in the afternoon. The shopkeepers informed the fire control room following which four fire tenders were rushed to the spot. The fire was not completely under control until 3.30 pm. It took about 6 hours to control the fire.

It was a big challenge for the firemen to control the fire between the blasts. Flames engulfed the sky and the entire market. In such a situation, spraying water on the fire and jumping off the firecrackers was a big risk. Over 40 fire tenders were engaged to control the fire and doused it after hours of effort. A fired worker was also injured while extinguishing the fire. He was taken to the SMS hospital and his condition is quite critical.

According to the fire department, the fire started from a firecracker shop also engulfed seven shops nearby. The fire is estimated to cost millions of rupees. The exact details of the cause and damage of the fire will be known only after investigation.

The shops have become shabby because of fire and thus have to be demolished. At present, the Municipal Corporation will take action to demolish the shops by giving notice to the shop owners on the basis of this report, he added.

After hearing the sudden blast, people came out. The smoke was spread all around the area and flames were visible from far away. Seeing the magnitude of the fire, a huge crowd gathered there. Even amidst the blaze and the blasts, the people were seen making videos of the entire incident, instead of saving the vehicles in the fire. Five motorcycles and two scooters were engulfed in flames.

A heavy police force is also deployed on the spot. There was a huge panic in the market due to the fierce fire. The police had to struggle a lot to control the crowd present on the spot.

The cause of the fire has not been clear yet. However, no one was injured in the fire, but due to fire blazes, many shopkeepers and people were on the verge of risking their lives.

The shop owners in the area alleged that Kishan Salwani the owner of the crackers shop in Indira Bazar was negligent for security arrangements and he had been warned several times but he didn’t pay any attention. Police have registered a case against the owner, Kishan Salwani, or risking lives due to fire and negligence. He is booked under sections 286 and 436 of IPC. It is alleged that negligence on his part led to the fire that gutted at least six shops in the vicinity.

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