Jaipur to be veil free

Jaipur to be veil free to end gender bias

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Women will no longer be under the veil in Jaipur. Campaigns have started in Jaipur to end the Ghunghat Pratha (veil system) in Rajasthan. Campaigns are being started by district collectors and a decision has been taken to prepare an action plan.

Rajasthan Chief Minister, Ashok Gehlot had said a few days ago that people should be made aware to end the veil system. After this, instructions were also sent to the District Collectors in this regard. Following the call of Chief Minister, the district administration launched a public awareness campaign against the ‘veil’. The campaign was named ‘ghunghat mukt Jaipur ‘.

The purpose of the Veil-free Jaipur campaign of the district administration is to educate the citizens about this evil practice going on for generations. It stands as an obstacle in the path of women empowerment and gender equality in society. This campaign will help end this regressive practice. Not only this, in the forthcoming panchayat elections in the state, women will be motivated not to cover their faces. This awareness campaign will be supported through Mahila Gram Sabha on WhatsApp, social media websites, schools and villages.

Rajesh Dogiwal, Deputy Director of Women’s Empowerment, said, “Parents and guardians of school children in all government schools will be told about this misdeed during the Bal Sabha.”

Digital insisted on avoiding the veil while voting. He said, “During the panchayat elections in the villages, women will be motivated to avoid the veil while voting. As part of the awareness campaign, a Mahila Sabha will be organized at the gram panchayat level every Thursday, in which Anganwadi workers will also be included.

In the workshop held in Jaipur, all the speakers believed that in this era of science, technology, and modernity, the veil is evil, all together must create an atmosphere against it. For this, along with making women aware, work will also be done to make men aware. It has also been decided that a permanent agenda for ending the veil system will be made in the meetings of the Zilla Parishad, Panchayat Samiti, and Gram Panchayat, as this practice has been largely abandoned in the cities, but the practice of veil still remains in the villages.

As per Collector Dr. Jogaram, This was the first meeting in the direction of Veil-free Jaipur. He said that all sections of the society will have to come together to make this campaign a success. In modern times such evils and traditions are somewhere a symbol of our social backwardness and to remove this evil practice, everyone can start it with their families. In the meeting, it has been decided that resolutions, oaths and awareness programs will be done to make the veil eradication activities a movement.