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Omicron reached India: Things you should know about the fatal virus

The new Covid variant 'variant of concern - Omicron' is a fatal virus we should be aware of. Know how and why it is deadly to keep yourself protected.

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The newly discovered variant of Covid, ‘Omicron’ recently declared as a variant of concern has created an atmosphere of panic in the country and the world. Corona’s new variant Omicron has reached India. It got confirmed after two patients have been found positive in Bangalore (Karnataka). It has alarmed everyone from the central, state governments to the common public. 

As per the experts, This variant can cause a third wave in India and is fatal despite both doses of the vaccine. Even if you have developed immunity by applying both doses, it can cause a lot of harm. The new variant has the mutation of more than 30 spikes, which can attack the lungs and has the ability to very rapidly.

Given this, we should be fully aware of this fatal virus. Here are the answers to some of the common queries we all might have. Read on.

Why is it so harmful?

The WHO has declared a variant of concern from day one given the lethality of Omicron and its ability to spread infection quickly. The mutation of more than 30 spikes has been found in this new variant. 

What happens if someone gets infected from it? 

The spikes stick to the membrane of the lungs in the body and start damaging it rapidly. This causes pneumonia and other complications. As this variant has high spikes, it can damage the lungs many times faster than the delta variant. Mutations in more than 30 spikes can have many other side effects as well.

Are people who have got both vaccine doses safe?

Although it is believed that double vaccination is full proof protection so far. However, it is also being ascertained whether there is any vaccine that will be able to reduce the effect of this variant.

Can this virus be detected by an RT-PCR test?

Right now in the whole world, RT-PCR is the most trusted for detecting coronavirus. This test is considered accurate up to 70%. However, in the second wave of the corona, the corona was also detected by HR CT. If a person’s RT-PCR report comes back positive, then the type of the variant he has been infected with will be known only through genome sequencing.

What is the line of treatment?

The standard protocol and antiviral drugs available so far are controlling the rest of the corona strains very effectively. This line of treatment has helped many patients to recover. As of now, there is no clarity on which line of treatment the new variant Omicron that this new variant will be treated from.

How can I protect myself against this virus?

By far the best and standard way to avoid corona is to follow covid appropriate behaviour. Those who have stopped applying masks after the second wave is over or after getting vaccination doses, continue to wear masks. Also, avoid going to crowded areas. Apart from this, those whose vaccinations doses are still pending should definitely get both the doses.

Tips for travellers

Travellers from countries where cases of this variant are being found will have to be carefully monitored. Such people need to give their samples for testing at the airport. After this, they are kept in the Institution Quarantine for 7 days. If found positive, genome sequencing of their sample will be done immediately. Also, if found negative, it’s essential to monitor their health status for two weeks.

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