Green shade net installed by JMC to protect people from sunlight on signal


The scorching heat is wreaking havoc in Rajasthan and people are taking various measures to avoid it. Municipal Corporation Greater has made an effort to provide shade to the drivers parking their vehicles by installing green shades at traffic signals in Jaipur city.

This initiative will provide some relief to two-wheeler drivers from the scorching sun while stopping at red lights while moving on the road. It started from Rambagh intersection where shade was arranged by installing a big green net. Two-wheeler drivers who stopped at the signal got some respite from the heat of temperature crossing 40 degrees.

On the instructions of Chief Secretary Sudhansh Pant, Municipal Corporation Greater Commissioner, Rukmani Riad made this arrangement at Rambagh intersection. Soon the Municipal Corporation Administration is considering making such arrangements at other intersections and traffic signals of the city also. Although small, this is a meaningful initiative taken by the Greater Municipal Corporation. 

These days the temperature in Jaipur has reached 43 to 44 degrees Celsius. Due to heavy traffic at major traffic signals, many times a vehicle does not get the crossing even if the signal turns green twice. Due to this, many times drivers have to stand at some point for 2 minutes or more. In this, two-wheeler drivers and people riding bicycles or walking suffer the most.

Traffic police personnel also got relief

The police personnel who oversee the traffic management at traffic signals in Jaipur city have also got a lot of relief from this arrangement. These soldiers, who control the traffic by standing in the sun at many places, will not have to stand for long in the scorching sun due to the installation of this green roof.

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