Organ transplant case: Two doctors of Jaipur Fortis arrested


Police have arrested two doctors of Fortis Hospital for taking bribes and issuing fake NOC for organ transplant. The police got a lot of information about the doctors after the arrest of Fortis Hospital nursing staff on Friday. Both the doctors used to visit patients in rented houses.

Jaipur Police today interrogated the doctors of three hospitals separately for 6 hours. After this, surgeons Sandeep Gupta and Jitendra Goswami were arrested. During interrogation it was revealed that both the doctors used to visit patients in rented houses.

Dr. Jitendra Goswami used to work in Manipal Hospital before Fortis. Jitendra Goswami had joined Fortis in September 2023 when Manipal’s license was not renewed. Only Dr Jitendra and Sandeep Gupta used to do organ transplant in Fortis. It has also come to light that these people also have information about many other doctors. Those who have been transplanted.

Actually, the accused of the fortis staff, Bhanu, who was caught by the police, has told the police about the doctors involved in this whole game. Based on this, the police team called the two doctors to the office of ACP Gandhi Nagar on Saturday morning and interrogated them. On interrogating, both the doctors did not give any answer to the police. Both were arrested.

Nursing staff was helping the brokers

In the organ transplant case, Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO) of SMS Gaurav Singh, Organ Coordinator of Fortis Hospital Vinod Singh, Director of Mad Safar, the company with which MOU has been signed in the organ transplant case, Suman Jana and broker Sukhmay Nandi were also interrogated. Bhanu’s role was found during interrogation. 

During interrogation, it was revealed that the accused used to keep in touch with the brokers on a daily basis and help them in illegal transplants. After surgery in the hospital, brokers used to keep the patients in rented houses where only Bhanu used to go and take care of the patients.

The arrested doctors often used to go to rented houses to see patients. Now the police are busy determining the role of the doctors who were in direct contact with Bhanu and the brokers. Apart from this, raids are being conducted at different places in West Bengal to arrest Mad Safar’s other director Raj Kamal and broker Mohammad Murtaza Ansari, who are absconding in this case.

Matter so far.. 

On March 31, ACB had caught Assistant Administrative Officer Gaurav Singh and Organ Transplant Coordinator of EHCC Hospital Anil Joshi red-handed in a transaction at SMS Hospital. The team also seized Rs 70 thousand and 3 fake NOCs from the spot.

After the action, ACB also searched the house and other places of the accused. His arrest revealed that Vinod Singh, the coordinator of Fortis Hospital, had also taken a fake certificate after paying money some time ago. ACB had also arrested him. Later Jaipur Police started an investigation in this case.

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