Saras outlets sell ice cream in Jaipur

From today, Saras outlets will also sell ice cream in Jaipur

Now all the Saras outlets in Jaipur will start selling ice creams at more than 100 places from today, Price from Rs 10 to Rs 500.


Jaipur District Milk Cooperative Union (Jaipur Dairy), a Rajasthan government undertaking, has also launched ice cream in the market from today. This is the first time that after milk, curd, paneer any unit of the government has started producing ice cream for the people. It will be available in the market from today at more than 100 Saras outlets in Jaipur city.

According to Sushma Arora, MD, Rajasthan Co-operative Dairy Federation (RCDF), “At present adulterated milk, curd, cheese are being sold in many places in the market, but people still have faith in mustard. Taking this belief forward, we have launched Saras ice cream in the market.”

For the production of ice cream, a manufacturing plant of 15 thousand liters capacity has also been set up in Jaipur Dairy. People often use palm oil or other vegetable oil in marriage ceremonies, but here pure ice cream, milk, curd, paneer will be available to the people.

Ice cream available from Rs 10 to Rs 500

Ice cream is available at Saras Parlor and other outlets in combo family packs ranging from Rs.10 a cup to Rs.500. This ice cream vanilla and butterscotch flavor is being made now. Strawberry and chocolate flavored ice cream will also be launched soon in the future.

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