Best places for desserts in Jaipur 

Have a sweet tooth? Checkout these dessert places in Jaipur!

Need some sugar busters? You'll have no shortage of the best dessert places in Jaipur to satisfy your sweet cravings. Check out this list.


Do you have a fetish for sweet snacks? There is no craving like a sweet craving. When the sugar cravings hit, we rush to indulge in the sweet delicacies that bound our senses to surrender to their sinful tastes. Almost all of us have been through such a sweet tooth occasionally. Indulging in sugary treats like cakes, doughnuts, ice cream, waffles, etc. is like getting a slice of heaven. And what better way to indulge in your sweet tooth than visiting the local patisseries that offer a delightful range of global desserts? Now, without “tormenting” yourself too much, let’s look at this list of the best dessert places in Jaipur where you can binge-eat your favourite dessert. 

Best desserts places in Jaipur 

We’ve discovered a list of the best dessert places in Jaipur for you to visit whenever the need to indulge your sweet tooth arises.

My Froyoland 

When you get a sugar rush, My Froyoland is the best dessert place in Jaipur to wane your urge for something sweet. Froyo is an acronym for ‘frozen yoghurt’. It is a go-to place for a fan of frozen yoghurt. You get to customize your creamy cup of froyo as it is a self-service dessert shop. It starts with selecting the size of the cup, choosing among the various flavours of yoghurt and then swirling the froyo in your cup. You will run amuck with the toppings with everything from cherry to pistachio. And there’s a generous offering of sauces too!

Address: F-8, Lal Bahadur Nagar, SL Marg, Malviya Nagar

Haagen Dazs 

If you want to have the freshest and finest gourmet ice cream, you must visit Haagen Dazs. As Starbucks is for coffee lovers Haagen Dazs is for those craving international flavour ice cream. You get to scoop on the premium creamy deliciousness of ice cream, cheesecakes and waffles. It promises you an experience like no other with its carefully chosen ingredients that gives you the real and fulfilling pleasure that you crave. 

Address: Plot no 16, Golimar Garden Yojna, Sahkar Marg, Jaipur 

Get desserted 

Get Desserted curates desserts in a way that gives every ingredient the attention it deserves. They spoil you with ample dessert choices dominated by your fave, chocolates. Be it ice creams, waffles, pancakes, or brownies or be it yoghurts, vegan sorbets, shakes, smoothies, or coffees, you can never get short of options here. Each of their desserts is so tempting that your palate is going to be happy for sure! You must try their waffle, it will leave you wanting for more. 

Address: Bhagadiya Bhawan, J-34, Subhash Marg, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur

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Belgian waffle 

For those getting a sweet tooth, most of them need chocolate to indulge in. Belgian Waffles is undeniably a chocoholic’s fantasy! This luxury confectionery will treat you to solacing flavours as every waffle tastes divine. A bite of crispy and soft waffle, drizzling with hot syrup is oh-so-satisfying. Be it red velvet, triple chocolate or naked Nutella, the goodness is sure to indulge your taste buds and give you the expected sugar rush. It feels like a dream for sure. 

Address: Malviya Nagar, C Scheme, Vaishali Nagar, Mansarovar

The feast

It comes top when it comes to the best dessert places in Jaipur. This dessert shop will make you fall in love with the first bite of the dessert ranges they serve. If you find yourself heading for the refrigerator and shelves too often to get your hands on some sugary treats, The Feast is the place where you should head straight. The mere sight of these confectioneries makes you salivate and biting into them elevates the experience. 

Address: Shivam business centre, 4, Calgiri Marg, Vidyut Abhiyanta Colony, Gem Enclave, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur

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Jaipur baking company 

Jaipur Baking Company is a sophisticated bakery housed in Marriott Hotel. It is well-appraised for its variety of evening high-tea and Western desserts. Their extensive and delicious range of desserts looks heart melting which is not just a treat to your tongue but to your eyes as well. It is quite famous for its Cakes, tarts, cookies, and other desserts. The desserts are handcrafted by masters of baked desserts. The people at JBC are born bakers alright!

Address: Hotel Marriott Jaipur, Ashram Marg, Durgapura, Jaipur.

Crème – The French Baking Co 

As the name expresses, Crème is a French pâtisserie founded by Chef Ayushi Agarwal. Chef has been trained in France and gathered hands-on experience and knowledge of bakery and pastry at the Hotel Taj, Mumbai. As soon as you walk in, you can smell the freshly-baked desserts that spell a magical scent in the air making your mouth melt. The variety of French desserts with huge doses of happiness and flavour will keep you lingering till your next visit. Their most applauded desserts are cakes, pies, quiches, cookies, loaves of bread, tea cakes, and jams. 

Address: Shyam Apartments, C-77, Sarojini Marg, Panch Batti, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur

Petite Patisserie 

When it comes to the best dessert place in Jaipur, Petite Patisserie takes the lead. They offer some greatest sugar busters that can help take away much of those intense cravings for sweets. They have cakes, cheesecakes, booze cakes, jar cakes, liquor chocolates, cookies, and more. Their rum cake, pista ras malai cake and whatnot. The choices of dessert you get here will surely make us want to abandon work and indulge.

Address: B-5, Govind Marg, Saket Colony, Raja Park, Jaipur


For people having a sweet tooth, tasting their favourite sugary delight can be pure bliss. With modest interiors, delicious cupcakes, heavenly cookies and waffles, Ombr is sure to steal hearts. And if you are fond of chocolates more than anything else, don’t forget to nibble on their amazing range of chocolate cakes. This chic and sophisticated bakery reminds you of dainty patisseries that line the streets in Paris serving premium gourmet desserts.

Address: Bhagat Niwas, Sardar Patel Marg, opposite Dwarka Jewels, C Scheme, Jaipur

The Crust

The Crust is a little dessert shop that is truly a hidden gem where you can get all the delish desserts you want for your sweet tooth. Their desserts are pure pieces of deliciousness. Try out their Lotus Biscoff pastry, Blueberry Cheesecake, Death by Chocolate, and Apple Pie. With an assortment of flavours, you will have a hard time deciding. Bite after bite you won’t be able to stop munching on their drooly delights. 

Address: Gaurav Tower, Amrapali Marg, Adarsh Nagar, Jan Path, and Ridhi Sidhi Chauraha


A full-course meal is not complete if you do not end it by indulging yourself in a treat of dessert at Dzurt. Dzurt is a pastel green patisserie and cafe based in the heart of Jaipur. Founded by Chef Tejasvi Chandela, this patisserie introduced French pastries to Jaipur. Their macarons, cheesecake and mud cake are the most loved desserts. They also offer fancy desserts like madeleines, butter or cream-filled croissants, and cupcakes. 

Address: Jacob Rd, Madrampur, Civil Lines, Jaipur


Nibs, I think the name says it all with no further introduction required. This place is not just a regular dessert place in Jaipur, Nibs is heaven on earth for chocolate connoisseurs! This cafe steals every sweet addict with its hard-to-resist delights. They also sell dessert combos customized for every choice. You can place orders for cakes and other desserts online as well.

Address: Raja Park, Vaishali Nagar, C scheme

Brown sugar

For those getting a sweet tooth, most of them need some creamy deliciousness to indulge in. Brown Sugar is one of the best dessert places in Jaipur that takes care of all your sweet cravings. It offers the tastiest cakes, pastries, brownies and muffins that will make you revisit this cafe. Some of their best-baked delights are Chocolate Truffle, Black Forest, Hazelnut, and Red Velvet. You will have your sweet craving satisfied with their finest sweet delights. 

Address: C scheme, Malviya Nagar, Vaishali Nagar

De’ blue door cafe & Bistro 

If your brain is screaming out loud for that chocolate cake or gelato ice cream after a meal, De’ blue door is the place that will satiate your raging temptation. A quiet yet vibing space, this cafe with its lively blue interior and elegant aesthetics is just the right place for indulging yourself in a treat of dessert. They serve some mouth-watering stuff that makes it hard for you to pick just one. 

Address: Bhagadiya Bhawan, J-34, Subhash Marg, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur

Cafe LazyMojo

If you are craving some tempting warm delight, Cafe LazyMojo serves some of the best desserts in Jaipur. You will get tired of adoring their classic and Western concoctions. One of their most loved desserts you must try is the Banoffee waffle. Its perfectly golden waffles topped with caramelized banana and cream will keep you drooling. Their Oreo and KitKat Waffle fritters served with vanilla ice cream are also a huge hit.

Address: H 1, Lal Bahadur Nagar, S.L Marg, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur

From cookies and doughnuts to ice cream and cakes, knock yourself out with awesome sweet indulgence at these best dessert places in Jaipur. Their wide variety of sugar busters as well as their innovative creations make your experience even sweeter.

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