Free education in Rajasthan

Free education will be available till 8th in 50 private schools

50 private schools will provide free education to 15 thousand children till class 8. To get admission, registration is necessary till February 25.


Now children will not have to be deprived of studying in private schools especially during current times of pandemic where school fees have become a burden on family members. For these, the Institute of Early Education Services, Tonk has taken an innovative initiative. 

Many talented children, including the poor, are deprived of free education in private schools. Under Right to Education, the family members will not have to worry about expensive fees during Covid to teach their children in schools.

The institute has started free education Deep Yojana. Under this, the education of elementary level (classes one to eight) will be given free of cost to the children in 50 fully equipped private schools of the district. The fees of the children studying under this scheme will be collected by the respective school management from the elementary educational institutions at their level. The fees will be obtained from the Bhamashahs etc.

Registration to be done before February 25

To get free education in 50 schools, children will have to register from February 1 to February 25. After that, an entrance test will be taken by the institute in case of more applications. Children will get admission on the basis of their merit. A total of 15 thousand children of the district will get free education.  

According to the President of Elementary Education Service Institute, Murlidhar Sharma, “This scheme will prove to be a boon for the students studying in the schools joining this scheme. Under the scheme, along with free education, the students of the selected schools of the district, many types of facilities will also be provided by private schools. Many programs including free sports competition, free competitive examination will be organized.”

The registration fee will be charged once

The objective of this scheme is to provide free education to the students selected in this scheme in fully equipped private schools. This will prove to be very effective for children who are talented apart from the poor children who are deprived of free admission under RTE. A nominal registration fee will be charged once in the first year scheme. This fee is between five hundred to 1155 rupees. The maximum registration fee is Rs 500 for a child up to class 5th and Rs 1155 for children from class 6th to 8th.

This mission has been started on the occasion of Republic Day in a private school in a simple ceremony following the Corona guideline. As per the officials of the institute, they will be the first organization in the state to provide free education to such a large number of children. Till now, around 50 schools in the district have been linked to this scheme.

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