Flats and villas will be expensive in Rajasthan

Flats and villas will be expensive in Rajasthan

Buying flats and villas in Rajasthan will now be costly, Housing Board will increase land rates by 15%; Impact on more than 4 thousand under construction houses


The prices of Rajasthan Housing Board lands are going to increase in the new year. The Housing Board administration has invited proposals for this from the circle offices. There is a possibility that this time the price of land will be increased by about 15% reserve rate. These prices may be applicable from January 2024. This will affect more than 4 thousand villas and flats in more than 10 cities including Jaipur and Jodhpur. 

According to Deputy Financial Advisor Om Prakash Butolia, proposals have been sought from circle offices. He said that the rates will have to be increased by the board as per the rules. Will be increased. It is being said that this time the prices of land may increase by at least 10% and maximum by 25%. 

Prices have been frozen for three years 

The Housing Board had frozen land prices in the year 2020. That means their growth was put on hold. Since Covid arrived, land prices have remained stable every year. In June, the Financial Advisor wrote a letter to all the circle officers and issued orders to send the revised rates of the land before December 31, 2023. 

Projects under construction will be affected 

Currently the scheme of houses is under construction. When all these schemes are ready, their cost will be calculated and there will be a difference in it due to these increased rates. If land prices increase, costs will also increase. Because the land prices are added to the current time. 

More than 4 thousand houses are being built 

More than 4 thousand houses are being built in more than 10 cities including Jaipur, Jodhpur, Banswara, Abu Road. In Jaipur alone, construction work of 1332 villas and flats is going on in Pratap Nagar area. Whereas 1090 houses are being built in Badli and 288 houses in Chopasni of Jodhpur. These schemes were launched in March this year.

Housing being built here in Jaipur 

The scheme of multi storey flats will be launched in Sector-22, Sector- 23 and Sector- 26 in Pratap Nagar of Jaipur itself. 124 flats will be developed here near NRI Colony in the name of MNIT Faculty. 

  • These flats will be made from MIG-B (middle income group) to HIG (high income group) category flats. 
  • It will have 3 BHK and 4 BHK flats. 
  • The size of these flats will range from 1440 square feet to 2310 square feet. 
  • The price of 3 BHK flats will be Rs 60 lakh and the price of 4 BHK flats will be up to Rs 1 crore. 

Flats will be of 4 categories

75 meters – 98 lakhs – 112 flats

57 meters – 75 lakhs – 224 flats 

47 meters – 60 lakhs – 158 flats 

89 meters – 1 crore – 56 flats 

Biggest scheme in Jodhpur 

The scheme of EWS, LIG, MIG and HIG independent houses will be brought in Badli, Jodhpur. Which is the biggest scheme of Jodhpur division. Two and a half years before this, the Housing Board had built independent houses here. 1090 houses will be built here under this scheme. Apart from this, MIG and HIG scheme of 250 flats will be set up in Chaupasni of Jodhpur itself. 

Housing Board schemes in 17 cities of 10 districts 

10 in Churu, 175 in Khoda of Kishangarh, Ajmer, 45 in Dholpur, 317 in Lakheri of Bundi, 77 in Niwai of Tonk, 504 in Hanumangarh, 189 in Abu Road, 22 in Bhinder, 16 in Salumber, Patel Nagar of Bhilwara 38, Shahpura. The scheme of 46 houses has been launched in Nimbahera of Chittorgarh, 71 in Nimbahera, 74 in Badi Sadri, 80 in Banswara Partapur, 63 in Durgapur and 24 in Hiran Magri of Udaipur. 

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