jaipur artist pens Ramcharitmanas

Jaipur based artist transcribes 3000-page Ramcharitmanas using a paintbrush


Artist Sharad Mathur resident of Sanganer in Jaipur has written the entire Ramcharitmanas using oil paint and brush in six years. Sharad wishes to donate this Ramcharitmanas to the Ram temple which is yet to be built in Ayodhya.

He has presented the entire Ramcharitmanas in a very large format written with the help of oil paint and brush. This 3000-page handwritten Ramcharitmanas has been prepared in 21 volumes and weighs 150 kg. He used to write two pages every day, for about 3 to 5 hours daily. It took about six and a half years to write it. He used oil paints and brushes to compose Ramcharitmanas.

jaipur artist pens Ramcharitmanas
Courtesy :Google.com

How And Why He pens Ramcharitmanas

Sharad, who is 48 years old says, “It all started way back in 2013 when I decided to write Sunderkand with an idea to write it in big fonts. I got this idea because there are many people with weak eyesight who face difficulty reading the small fonts. Every page I used is of A3 size with fonts measuring 1 -1.5 inch each in size. After the completion of Sunderkand my confidence increased and then I wrote one by one all the parts of Ramcharitmanas.

While reciting the Ramcharitmanas, its initial 100 to 200 pages were destroyed, so he got all the pages laminated. Most bookbinders refused to bind it, citing technical reasons. Finally, a Muslim named Mubarak Bhai agreed to bind, he added.

Sharad says that there were problems, but by the grace of God nothing ever stopped him.The jaipur artist pens Ramcharitmanas spent about five lakh rupees only in preparation. He did not take any financial support from anyone.

jaipur artist pens Ramcharitmanas
Courtesy :Google.com

Sharad is not financially competent, he earns his livelihood by teaching music to children and singing Bhajans. His wife Poonam and two children Shubham and Sahil were a big support to him. They helped him put the book together by doing its border and lamination.

Sharad’s Further Plans

The jaipur artist pens Ramcharitmanas said he would like to visit the Ayodhya temple, once it was built, and offer his services to Lord Rama. He wants to offer this hand-written Ramcharitmanas to the temple to be built on Ramjanmabhoomi in Ayodhya. He wants this epic to be kept there.

When asked him about his further plans, “Writing Ramcharitman increased my confidence. I have started writing the Gita in the same way and already written two pages“. He also wants to present a handwritten copy of the Sunderkand and Ramayana to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.