Fake Saras Ghee is being sold in Jaipur supermarkets, Here’s how to check!

Fake ghee found in 7 big super markets of Jaipur; 2700 liter stock of Saras-Pro-Vedic brand seized, Saras launched a QR code to verify the authenticity.


Selling fake ghee is not stopping in the capital. After grocery shops and dhabas, fake ghee has started being sold in big supermarkets. Food and Safety Department teams took action in different supermarkets. Of these, more than 2700 liters of fake ghee was found in 6 D-Marts of the city. 

As part of the campaign being run against adulteration in the state by the Food Safety Commissionerate, the investigation conducted by the government lab found that the ghee was substandard and fake. Similarly, the stock of mustard ghee and mustard oil has been seized from Iper Mart on Sirsi Road. Earlier on Thursday, a raid was conducted in D-Mart located in Malviya Nagar. Here 40 liters of Saras and 450 liters of Pro Vedic brand ghee were seized. 

The investigation also revealed that there were many cans of Saras Ghee with the same batch number and the same series. Additional Commissioner of Food and Safety Department, Pankaj Ojha said that a case is being registered against D-Mart by both the department and Saras.

Most fake ghee recovered in Mansarovar

Additional Commissioner of Food and Safety Department, Pankaj Ojha said that raids were conducted on D-Marts located in Lalkothi, Pratap Nagar, Narsingpura, Jhotwara, Mansarovar and Bindayaka including Triton Mall. Fake ghee was not found in the D-Mart located in Bindayaka, whereas fake ghee of Saras and Pro Vedic brands was recovered from 6 D-Marts of other locations.

The department has also issued orders to teams from other big cities of the state to raid and seize fake ghee. Nowadays all kinds of food items including oil, milk, ghee, sugar and rice are being adulterated rapidly, so those who buy goods from shops including malls need to be careful.

Fake ghee boxes were kept in between the stock

It has also come to light that the distributor had supplied fake ghee to D Mart by placing boxes of it in between the stock of ghee supplied to it. Action was taken against the distributor Khandelwal & Company near Vishwakarma Industrial Area Kukarkheda. Here boxes of fake Saras ghee were recovered from Saras cartons. A representative of Saras Dairy was called on the spot, who certified that the ghee was fake. The fake ghee was seized and samples were taken.

After seizing fake Saras and poor quality ghee of Pro-Vedic in D-Mart, the Medical Department team raided Ipar Mart located on Sirsi Road on Friday. From here too, on the suspicion of counterfeit, samples of Saras and Gorus Ghee have been taken and sent for testing. Also seized 101 liters of mustard ghee. Fake Tagore brand oil was also found in Iper Mart, the sample was taken and seized. A few days ago, the department had seized 46 thousand liters of fake oil from the Tagore brand.

Saras launches QR code to deal with fake ghee

Saras Ghee consumers of the state will now be able to identify fake and genuine Saras Ghee through QR code.

  • Released QR code with two-tier verification on one liter and half liter packing of Saras Ghee. There will be a hologram of Saras logo on the packet of ghee, on scratching which a QR will emerge.
  • By scanning the QR with a mobile camera or any UPI app, consumers will be able to identify genuine and fake Saras Ghee.
  • On scanning the QR, each packing will have a unique ID and batch number. Manufacturing and expiry date will also be written along with MRP. Saras Ghee logo will also be there.

Learn 3 ways to identify whether ghee is real or fake

  • First way – Put some ghee on the palms and rub it well. Smell it after seven to eight minutes. If it is pure, it will smell good. If not then understand that it is fake.
  • Second way – Boil three to four spoons of ghee on low flame. After a boil, keep it aside for 24 hours. If even after 24 hours its fragrance is there and it looks grainy, then understand that it is real otherwise it is fake.
  • Third way – Add one spoon of ghee in a glass of water. If ghee starts floating on water, then it is real. If it settles down, the ghee may be fake.

There is a risk of these 7 diseases by using fake ghee

  • Heart disease
  • High BP
  • Liver damage
  • Risk of miscarriage
  • Swelling in the brain
  • Stomach upset, indigestion and acidity
  • Increase in cholesterol
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