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Entry fee will now be charged in City Park

From March 9, every person will have to pay Rs 20 to visit City Park; Money will also have to be paid for pre-wedding, and film-serial shoots.


Now visiting City Park built in Mansarovar, Jaipur will not be free. Visitors will now have to pay a fee of Rs 20 which will come into effect from March 9. However, entry will be free for morning walkers till 9 am, after that entry fee will be charged. Not only this, money will also have to be paid for shooting pre-wedding, film-serials in this park.

According to the Rajasthan Housing Board Commissioner Pawan Arora, “Daily 25 to 30 thousand people come to visit City Park. Maintenance and upkeep is extremely important to keep the park world-class and attractive. For the maintenance to be good, we have decided to charge every visitor from March 9 onwards.”

The entry will be free for the morning walkers coming from 6 am to 9 am, after that the entry fee will have to be paid by the visitors to the park. However, the entry fee will not be charged for children in the age group up to 12 years. An annual pass will also be made for the daily visitors to the park, which will cost Rs 999.

Apart from this, a fee will also be charged for parking in the park. The parking fee of Rs 20 will be charged from two wheeler and Rs 50 from four wheeler. This charge will be for a maximum of 3 hours.

Shooting fee will be charged

City park of Mansarovar has been built on the theme of International Park. For a long time people have been coming here for pre-wedding shoots and other short films. Given this, the Housing Board has also fixed the fees for pre-wedding, film-serial shoots here. Charges for pre-wedding shoot will be 10 thousand while 50 thousand rupees will have to be paid per day for film or serial shooting.

Fine will have to be paid for indecency;

Rs 1,000 for sitting on sculptures in the park, damaging them, teasing electrical equipment or damaging trees and plants, and Rs 1,000 for spreading plastic bottles, polythene or dirt or plucking flowers in the park. A fine of 50 times will also be imposed. For monitoring this, guards have also been deployed at different places in the guard.

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