Rajasthan Govt. Launches Mahila Nidhi Scheme

Rajasthan Govt. Launches Mahila Nidhi Scheme to help women entrepreneurs

Rajasthan Government launches a new scheme Mahila Nidhi Yojana for women entrepreneurs offering loans of 40 thousand in 48 hours.


The state government launched the ‘Mahila Nidhi Scheme’ to empower women and help them establish. With this launch, Rajasthan became the second state in the country after Telangana to establish this scheme.

The scheme has been established under Rajasthan Rural Livelihood Development Council and aims for social and economic development of women in India. The government intends to make women self-reliant by providing them easy credit to start with their business.

Get loan within 48 hours of application

Under this scheme, a loan of up to Rs 40,000 will be sanctioned in 48 hours. If they apply for a higher loan amount, then it will take 15 days for the loan amount to be transferred into respective accounts. Through this scheme, work will be done to strengthen women self-help groups, get loans from banks and make them self-reliant.

Mou signed with Amazon

An MoU agreement was signed with Amazon for online sale of products. With this, products created by over 15,000 women entrepreneurs and self-help groups will be listed on the online marketplace and made available to millions of Amazon customers across the country.

Helping out potential women entrepreneurs

The scheme of the state government looks forward to motivating potential women entrepreneurs filled with a passion to find their position in society. Women will be able to start their own business with the loan money and take their dreams further.

Documents required for sanction of loan

To take advantage of the Mahila Nidhi scheme, the documentation required is bare minimum. Poor and propertyless women will also be able to get loans easily. Women of Rajasthan will have to provide Aadhaar card details, domicile certificate, income certificate and bank account information to the government.

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