Drug department lodged FIR against fake drug sellers, police took no action

Drug department lodged FIR against fake drug sellers, police took no action


After cheating with the lives of thousands of patients, several sellers of drugs in the state are living a comfortable life. The reason behind this is police not taking any action against the accused. It can be estimated from the fact that even after the Drug Department lodged the FIR, the police has not arrested any drug sellers against whom the FIR was registered to sell counterfeit drugs. Even many businessmen of fake drugs changed their name to get a drug license and started working again. In such cases, the drug department is also helpless and is unable to take any concrete action against the culprits.

Case One – In the Malviya Nagar, on November 12, 2017, more than Rs. 50 lakhs of intoxicants and counterfeit medicines were caught. In the case, the Drug Department filed an FIR, but the police did not arrest Harish Chanchlani or even called him for an interrogation. For the last two years, he has been running the business with a new license.

Case two – In the film colony, in 2017, Shipra Medical was caught for selling a fake infection drug. A case was registered at the Kotwali police station, but the police took no action on its owner. To date, he is far from the arrest of police

Case three – A fake antibiotic named Gifi was caught from Adinath Sona Medical Store. FIR lodged against Sachin Goyal, Pratik Goyal and Tushar Goyal in Ashok Nagar police station. The police reached the spot but returned empty-handed. Since the FIR was lodged in the year 2017, the police have not been able to catch them.

Case four- Fake drugs brought from Dehradun with Kamala Enterprises were being sold. In 2018, after the fake antibiotics were caught, an FIR was lodged against Vinod Sharma in the Shyam Nagar police station, but the police could not even find him.

The reason behind not taking any action on behalf of the police is that the drug department didn’t bother to involve the police at the time of action and were asked to take responsibility only after the FIR and other written actions has been done. If any action against the accused is taken, the credit will go to the Drug Department only. Therefore, police do not take action against the culprits even in very serious cases. Although many times the police reached the bases of the convicts, they could not get success.

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